Author: 0 Taylor Swift is now available on all music streaming services

This is apparently done in celebration of Swift's 1989 album selling a whopping 10 million copies, which is a massive achievement by today's standards, and also gaining the 100 million song certification from the RIAA. From there, the popcorn-eating masses got to enjoy lots of Twitter shade and Swift's " Bad Blood ", which is about the whole beef. "Especially when someone tries to assassinate my character with little girls", she sniped.

Author: 0 Manhunt underway in Georgia after 2 guards killed, 2 inmates escape

They are armed with 9 mm pistols that were taken from these correctional officers. "He loved his family and wanted to spend time with them", she said. Police did not release the suspect's name and said they would provide more details later in the day. The two inmates were among 33 prisoners in the back of the bus.

Author: 0 Kevin Durant gives shoutout to Prince George's County after National Basketball Association championship victory

The Bill Russell Finals MVP victor averaged 35.2 points, 8.4 rebounds , 5.4 assists and 1.6 blocks in the five-game series and easily eclipsed the 50/40/90 percentages for field-goal, three-point and free-throw shooting. "The backstory to this is, after Game 7 last year, I told one of my close friends to save this for a year from now", Curry said . Still, if Durant were giving out the award, he might actually give it to someone who's never logged a minute in the National ...

Culture Charlie Brooker to edit original Black Mirror book series
Author: 0 Charlie Brooker to edit original Black Mirror book series

At time of writing, the book is set for release on February 22, 2018. A three-volume series of original fiction novellas will be edited by the creator of the popular Netflix anthology series, Charlie Brooker . This collection will challenge you to see the world in a different-and more disturbing-light. In a statement, Brooker said: "All-new 'Black Mirror " stories from exciting authors - that's a joyous prospect.

Author: 0 Spider-Man: Homecoming will get two sequels, confirming a Spidey trilogy

Talking on the same lines Tom Holland who plays Spider-Man said, " Peter Parker comes to the learning through out the movie and he is trying to prove himself that he is ready to be an Avenger ". prompting one of the interviewers to say he was aware of the second film but not the third. Toby Maguire also faced a similar task in 2004's Spider-Man 2.

Author: 0 Orlando, John and Diplo: Katy Perry ranks her ex-boyfriends in bed

A short time prior, as Us Weekly magazine revealed to readers on June 13, Perry had been asked about Swift , her alleged inspiration for " Swish, Swish ", and told the Today show , " God bless her on her journey ". The 32-year-old rated three of her celebrity ex-boyfriends in the bedroom and broadcasted the results to millions of her fans. "I'm ready to let it go ".

Author: 0 Jeff Sessions: I Did Not Recuse Myself From Defending My Honor

Ahead of the hearing there had been suggestions that Sessions might have had a third, unreported, encounter with Kislyak , at the Mayflower Hotel, in April 2016 , where candidate Trump was giving his first major foreign policy speech.

Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn arrives at Labour HQ to cheering crowd

Speaking across from Prime Minister Theresa May , Corbyn told the House of Commons that the Labour party is ready to provide "strong and stable" leadership should the Tories' "coalition of chaos" fail. "This didn't happen by magic, it happened because of a well-organised, energetic campaign led by Carwyn Jones in Wales alongside a United Kingdom campaign led by Jeremy Corbyn that captured the mood of the country and built support.

Author: 0 Theresa May's election gamble backfires as voters throw a surprise

British media reported that there will be no formal coalition as neither party thinks it is necessary. Mrs May has reached a "confidence and supply" agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). The best-selling Sun newspaper said senior members of the party had vowed to get rid of May, but would wait at least six months because they feared a leadership contest could propel Labour into power under Corbyn, who supports renationalisation of key industries and higher taxes for ...

Author: 0 Golden State Warriors Win Second NBA Championship In Three Seasons

And determined to restore themselves as champions . The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120 on Monday night at Oracle Arena in Game 5 of the Finals to win their second National Basketball Association championship in three seasons, wrapping up a 16-1 postseason run after finishing the regular season 67-15.

Culture Cameron Diaz speaks out about getting married in her forties
Author: 0 Cameron Diaz speaks out about getting married in her forties

Aside from her temporary career hiatus, Diaz also opened up about the importance of her marriage. The Charlie's Angels actress , Wednesday her now-husband Good Charlotte singer Benji Madden 38, in 2015 when she was 42. She also said she and her husband are "totally two peas in a pod. We are both just weird enough for each other", Diaz said. 'I never experienced that before.

Author: 0 US student, said to be in coma, released by North Korea

But when speaking with journalists in Beijing on Tuesday, Rodman declined to say whether he consulted Trump about the visit. The last time Rodman visited North Korea , he delighted the country's young ruler with a rendition of "Happy Birthday", suffered an angry meltdown on CNN while defending his trip, and spent time at a rehab facility after returning to the United States .

Culture Columnist Kirsten Powers: 'How was Sen. Harris hysterical?'
Author: 0 Columnist Kirsten Powers: 'How was Sen. Harris hysterical?'

While delivering a steady stream of questions to Sessions about the Trump administration colluding with Russia, Harris was instructed by McCain - who can be heard off camera - to let Sessions answer the question. "I am asking when you knew that you'd be asked these questions and would be relying on that policy, did you not ask your staff to show you the policy that would be the basis for you refusing to answer the majority of the questions that have been asked of you?" While asking Sessions ...

Author: 0 Milbank: The most chilling line of Comey's testimony

Asked if he would make that denial under oath, he said , "100 percent". He said the president had pressured him to drop a probe into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn , whom Mr Trump fired for misleading the White House over M Flynn's contacts with Moscow's ambassador.

Author: 0 Bill Cosby jury to hear more of his deposition testimony

He says the encounter was consensual. As if to show that he, too, was disappointed in Mr Cosby - and perhaps offer the jury the catharsis of a public shaming - Mr McMonagle pointed at his client and declared angrily, "You danced outside your marriage".

Author: 0 Why Gal Gadot Is a Real-Life Wonder Woman

And the director should have more leverage than either of them, given the pretty widespread notion that her movie has "saved" the DCEU - which, you'll remember, DC was hoping Suicide Squad would do. How far until Wonder Woman becomes the highest grossing movie directed by a woman stateside? In March 2017, director Patty Jenkins told EW, "The story will take place in the US, which I think is right".

Author: 0 Tom Cotton Grills Jeff Sessions On Spy Novels

Addressing allegations that he had unreported meetings with Russian officials while he advised the Trump campaign, Sessions said he had already acknowledged two encounters past year with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Sheldon Whitehouse, the top Democrat on a subcommittee of the Judiciary panel, said: "As someone who served in the Department of Justice, I would love to know what he is talking about".

Author: 0 Bill Cosby's accuser was 'humiliated' by alleged sex attack

Buress did not know it at the time, but the joke would make him an immediate household name - and it simultaneously changed the lives of almost 50 women who say Cosby sexually assaulted them. She managed the women's basketball team at Temple while he was a high-profile trustee. He invited her to dine with him at his home. Cosby grinned at the defense table as she struggled to explain them.

Culture Ranbir Kapoor talks about a sequel to 'Jagga Jasoos'
Author: 0 Ranbir Kapoor talks about a sequel to 'Jagga Jasoos'

When Ranbir Kapoor dipped his toes into production with " Jagga Jasoos ", there was buzz about the actor planning to revive RK Studios established by his late grandfather and Bollywood's original showman, Raj Kapoor. The date was then pushed to April 2017, but even that date could not be finalized. The movie is set to hit theatres on 14 July. The trailer has already left the audience curious and wanting for more.

Culture Morgan hails brilliant England bowlers
Author: 0 Morgan hails brilliant England bowlers

Sent into bat , Jos Buttler provided a late flourish with a quick-fire unbeaten 61 after Joe Root scored a fluent half-century to propel England to 310 all out. Their wins over Bangladesh and New Zealand means they are confirmed as group winners, even before they meet Australia at Edgbaston on Saturday, due to the number of victories they have recorded.

Author: 0 Why Bill Cosby Apologized To His Accuser's Mother

Gianna is the mother of Andrea Constand , who was allegedly drugged and assaulted by Cosby in 2004. He has said it was consensual. Prosecutors closed their case by calling a toxicology expert to testify that Benadryl , an over-the-counter allergy medication Cosby says he gave to Constand on the night of the alleged assault, could put a person to sleep.

Culture The Pittsburgh Penguins close out another Cup title
Author: 0 The Pittsburgh Penguins close out another Cup title

The Penguins, who defeated the Sharks in six games in last year's Final, became the first team to repeat as Stanley Cup champions since the Red Wings in 1997 and 1998. Pittsburgh can protect Murray, while Fleury gets taken by the Golden Knights in the expansion draft. They played in different eras. Sullivan is the first American-born coach to win the Cup not once, but twice.

Author: 0 DUP head arrives for talks with UK leader May

While the Conservatives are still the biggest party within the House of Commons, it has been forced to call on Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP ) to help it create a workable majority. Amid calls from some MPs for the Conservatives to rethink their Brexit strategy, he said there was a "clear consensus" for leaving the single market and ending free movement while retaining the "maximum access" to European Union markets and maintaining co-operation in key areas such as ...

Author: 0 Ariana Grande's "Over the Rainbow" Cover Is Now a Charity Single

Her original track, " One Last Time " has also been re-released as a charity single , and is closing in on a number one spot on the U.K charts. A remastered version of One Last Time by Ariana Grande is also on sale for the occasion. The Sun reports that tattoo artists from Manchester Ink joined them backstage after Sunday's One Love concert, and tattooed Manchester bees (a symbol of the city) on her and her Dangerous Woman tour crew.

Culture Disney firmly denies digital theft of Pirates of the Caribbean 5
Author: 0 Disney firmly denies digital theft of Pirates of the Caribbean 5

The critically not-so-acclaimed film, which now holds a 19% rating on RottenTomatoes, has earned just over $27 million in ticket sales. "We're making movies for a global audience". Hanging on to the No. 2 spot this week is Baby Groot and the rest of the gang in " Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ", bringing in nearly $20 million.

Culture Katy Perry to perform in Buffalo this September
Author: 0 Katy Perry to perform in Buffalo this September

The pop icon previously explained that her decision was due to how the services were taking advantage of artists and that they weren't fairly compensating them for their work. Fans commented on social media, with many celebrating Spotify access to Swift's music. Apple ultimately changed its policies, and Swift allowed her music to be streamed from the service.

Culture Greg Gianforte Avoids Jail Time for 'Body-Slamming' Journalist
Author: 0 Greg Gianforte Avoids Jail Time for 'Body-Slamming' Journalist

Gallatin County Judge Rick West declined to give Gianforte any jail time. But when the judge was informed by other court personnel that someone guilty of assault is ineligible for the work program, West made a decision to defer Gianforte's entire six-month sentence and impose the community service and anger-management classes instead.

Culture Beloved Shirts Hairy Swimsuit Confuses Internet
Author: 0 Beloved Shirts Hairy Swimsuit Confuses Internet

Aptly captioned: "Make 'em say WTF", the clip sees the beaming model showcase the manly nipples and hairy bum which comes as standard with the unusual swimsuit. The sexy chest hair swimsuit is offered at $44.95 and arrives in three different skin tones. While skipping hours of sweating on a treadmill will appeal to most, it's not clear whether these hairy swimsuits will.

Author: 0 Attorney General to talk publicly at US Senate panel

And asked about Trump's own contention that he fired Comey with the Russian Federation probe in mind, and regardless of any recommendation from anyone else, Sessions said: "I guess I'll just have to let his words speak for themselves". In addition, I provided supplemental testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee to explain this. However, Sessions refused to say whether he ever spoke with Trump about firing Comey.

Culture Wonder Woman Crushes Thor With a $101 Million Hammer
Author: 0 Wonder Woman Crushes Thor With a $101 Million Hammer

But it also performed well compared to other superhero films outside of the DC Universe. Its significance goes far beyond even that though, thanks in large part to its massive $223 million opening. There's no confirmation of a follow-up to " Wonder Woman " on Warner Bros.' end, but the critical acclaim and early earnings from the original probably make it a safe bet.

Culture Singer with teen following online faces child porn charges
Author: 0 Singer with teen following online faces child porn charges

He put together a 16-minute-long YouTube video a year ago where he apologized for those accusations, which revolved around him asking underage fans to send him clips of them twerking. The first victim sent Jones videos in August 2016 while the second was in contact with the singer in May 2017, according to authorities. In May 2015, Jones was accused of lying about his age in order to get young girls to send him videos of them twerking .

Culture Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein testifies in budget hearings
Author: 0 Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein testifies in budget hearings

Rosenstein says the attorney general would be the only one who could fire Mueller . "I think he's considering perhaps terminating the special counsel", Ruddy said. Jeanne Shaheen , the subcommittee's top Democrat, said she also was "troubled" by Sessions' cancellation. Rosenstein said that while it depends on the circumstances, "I think the general answer is no".

Culture NBD, just a snake hiding out inside a gas pump
Author: 0 NBD, just a snake hiding out inside a gas pump

Brandon Radke said that he took precautions to make sure the snake didn't bite him and that the feat was easy because he and snakes get along just fine. That's when Radke wrapped his shirt around his hands and used the nozzle to grab the snake's head and force it out of hiding. Being a snake lover who isn't afraid of snakes, Radke went to work dislodging the trespasser.

Author: 0 Five facts about Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Sessions told appropriators that the Intelligence panel was the more "appropriate forum" in the wake of Comey's testimony . "I believe it would be unwise for Congress to restrict the discretion of the Department to fund particular prosecutions, particularly in the midst of a historic drug epidemic and potentially long-term uptick in violent crime".

Culture Wonder Woman cruises over The Mummy
Author: 0 Wonder Woman cruises over The Mummy

The Alex Kurtzman directed film had a dismal 17% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes and the audience score wasn't much better. Stay tuned with us for more updates and box office report , you can share your views with us on the box office collection of the films " The Mummy " and " Wonder Woman " in the comment section below.

Author: 0 Dennis Rodman to meet his 'old friend' Kim Jong Un

A senior Trump administration official told Fox News Rodman was going to the North "as a private citizen". Rodman continues to say that the sport of basketball will help relations between North Korea and the rest of the world, though it's sad if he really believes a simple game can fix such a geopolitical mess.

Culture Police officer rescues dog from Lake Michigan
Author: 0 Police officer rescues dog from Lake Michigan

WLS reported a dog was drinking out of Lake Michigan and apparently leaned too far over and tumbled into the water. The police think the dog probably ran away from one of the vehicles involved in the wreck. After the collision, the dog took off from one of the cars and made his plunge (or hesitant tip, really) into the water. "As I witnessed this, I was just hoping that Farris wouldn't fall in", Guzman said.

Author: 0 Durant, Curry lead Warriors to NBA title

From there, the Warriors defense stiffened and the Cavaliers congratulated the Warriors as the finals seconds ticked off the clock and the crowd went wild. They finished one victory short of the NBA's first ideal postseason, but bounced back from their Game 4 loss to Cleveland in the NBA Finals with another high-scoring performance.

Culture Event in King's Lynn to remember murdered MP Jo Cox
Author: 0 Event in King's Lynn to remember murdered MP Jo Cox

To mark the anniversary of her death, community events, collectively dubbed The Great Get Together , are to be held across the United Kingdom, celebrating national unity and what Brits have in common. "She said that in Britain we "have far more in common than that which divides us ". We will really focus on how she lived". "One year ago, an act of awful violence robbed the nation of a passionate and principled woman".

Author: 0 Watch Bette Midler's Hilarious Tony Speech: "Shut That Crap Out!"

He went on to make light of rumours about his own sexuality by dressing as Sunset Boulevard's Norma Desmond. "Surprising winners, and I'm not even talking about the Tonys!" said Spacey while impersonating former president Bill Clinton whose wife Hillary was defeated by Trump in last year's divisive election.

Culture New season of Game of Thrones will feature 'longest episodes ever'
Author: 0 New season of Game of Thrones will feature 'longest episodes ever'

While it was revealed that both of these characters would be making a comeback, this is the first time we have seen them together which suggests an alliance between them. But take a look, and then we'll do a quick roll call and see what everyone's up to. Samwell Tarly ( John Bradley ) is still doing his research in a library in Oldtown with Gilly ( Hannah Murray ).

Author: 0 Cosby Rape Trial Goes To The Jury; Defense Called Only One Witness

The jury, which deliberated for four hours and will reconvene Tuesday morning, will decide whether Cosby is guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault, each of which carries a possible 10-year sentence. Sixty women have accused Cosby of drugging them, sexually assaulting them, or both. "I went upstairs and into my pack, broke one in half and took another half and brought them down and said to her 'Your friends, I have three friends for you to make you relax, '" Cosby said.

Author: 0 Pakistan eye semi-final after Sri Lanka collapse

Hasan, as he'd done while taking three wickets in Pakistan's surprise win over South Africa, went wide of the crease to bowl Kusal Mendis (27) with a brilliant delivery angled towards the legside that cut away and clipped the top of off stump.

Author: 0 Sessions, Wyden scrap over AG's 'problematic' role

Comey also reported that the attorney general was silent when he "implored" him to prevent one-on-one conversations with President Trump , reporting that he told Sessions that such interactions were "inappropriate and should never happen".

Author: 0 IN mother who killed 2 children faces new murder charge

Pasztor, 30, admitted to shooting Macomber to death, as documented in Indiana Department of Child Services reports previously released by the Elkhart County Juvenile Court. As part of the plea deal she agreed to in her children's death, Pasztor faces up to 130 years in prison. An autopsy found that Macomber died from a gunshot wound through the torso.