Author: 0 Duchess of Cambridge visits London Bridge attack victims

She also spoke to two of the hospital's team leaders trained to deal with major incidents, Jane Bond of Gold Command and Silver Command's Mark Madams. One of the organisers, Zakia Bassou, said: "After the events of last weekend we are making a symbolic gesture of love for the communities affected by the attack .

Author: 0 COSBY TRIAL: Prosecutors rest case against Bill Cosby

Although Valliere admitted to writing them, the judge ultimately refused the request for a dismissal. "I found that to be odd", he said. Do you want to hear Cosby talk? Cosby was deposed in connection with a lawsuit brought against him by Constand over four days in September 2005 and March 2006.

Culture 'America's Got Talent' contestant killed in car crash right before show debut
Author: 0 'America's Got Talent' contestant killed in car crash right before show debut

Sources close to the competition show told the outlet that Brandon died in a vehicle accident over the weekend in Maryland, just weeks before his performance was set to air during a future episode. A few moths back we brought this young man out to the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas to perform with us. 'He was great all 3 nights! "Gone too young and gone too soon", Boyz II Men members said.

Culture Wonder Woman reinvigorates exhausted superhero conventions
Author: 0 Wonder Woman reinvigorates exhausted superhero conventions

In an interview with WBTV Brazil , Gal Gadot weighed in on the debate when asked if her version of Wonder Woman could beat Henry Cavill's Superman in a fight. Jenkins is no stranger to creating female-led, grounded work that both critics and fan enjoy. If an unknown character like Ant-Man is getting his second film and an obscure group like Guardians of the Galaxy is all but a start date away from a third entry, there is no logical reason as to why it has taken this long for Diana ...

Culture Kathy Griffin: Donald Trump Is
Author: 0 Kathy Griffin: Donald Trump Is "Personally Trying To Ruin My Life Forever"

Griffin said she is the subject of a Secret Service investigation, but did not provide any further information about the inquiry or if she was cooperating. "I'm going to make fun of him more now". This is the first time Griffin has spoken out since she was relieved of her duties Wednesday as CNN's New Year's Eve host.

Author: 0 North Korea Threatens to Nuke NYC in Response to Trump's Tweets

Seoul says a suspected North Korean drone found near the Korean border last week was found to have taken photos of a United States missile defence shield in the South. The claim was made in state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun , which speaks for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's regime. The drone was suspected to be from North Korea, the official added.

Culture Xbox One X at E3, in moving pictures
Author: 0 Xbox One X at E3, in moving pictures

Specifically mentioning that the console will come "with 40 percent more power than any other console", offering support for "better textures", "smoother framerates" and "faster load times". Speaking with Eurogamer , Spencer said one of the main reasons why it showed such a wide range of titles during its presentation was to emphasise the variety of the Xbox ecosystem.

Culture Demi Moore Says She Lost Her Two Front Teeth From Stress
Author: 0 Demi Moore Says She Lost Her Two Front Teeth From Stress

Though she didn't say how stress resulted in her "shearing off her front tooth" it is possible Demi Moore is referring to Bruxism better known as tooth grinding. She said: "Thank god for modern dentistry". "It was nearly like it fell out and my warranty was up". Following the confession, Jimmy proceeded to ask how exactly Demi had come to loose her tooth.

Culture Trump clings to coal as worldwide demand plummets
Author: 0 Trump clings to coal as worldwide demand plummets

BP said coal production was declining along with demand for the commodity as the U.S., Europe and China all consume more natural gas and renewable energy sources. The slowing growth in energy demand, the shift to cleaner fuels and energy efficiency meant carbon emissions grew by 0.1 percent last year, similar to the prior two years, making it the lowest three-year average for emissions growth since 1981-83.

Author: 0 Taylor Swift Is Savage

Swift pointedly criticized the company for not paying royalties on music streamed during a three-month free trial of the service it was offering to customers, drawing an apology (and a phone call) from a top executive at the company, which pledged to pay royalties on those streams.

Culture Golden rule: Warriors beat Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5, clinch championship
Author: 0 Golden rule: Warriors beat Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5, clinch championship

Durant looked like he might get his third early in the second when he hit James on the head as the Cavs leader drove for two but the call never came and Durant avoided what would have been a seat on the bench for the remainder of the half. "I'm ready to do it again". Like I said, tried to be myself, be aggressive and sacrifice as well. "He's put the time in and I'm just so happy for him to be able to realize his goal and be my teammate".

Author: 0 Spider-Man and VR Games Coming to PS4

After launching its Xbox One S a year ago, the Redmond firm is preparing to present its Scorpio project: not really a new console, but an upgraded and much more powerful version of the Xbox One. The next chapter is the Uncharted saga is set in India and will involve main characters Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross on a quest to search for the tusk of Ganesh.

Author: 0 Rod Rosenstein: There's No Reason To Fire Special Counsel Mueller

Lindsey Graham of SC tried to clarify where that line for "good cause" was. "If there were not good cause it wouldn't matter what anyone said". Weeks ago, Gingrich had heaped praise on Mueller, hailing him as a "superb choice" for special counsel whose reputation was "impeccable for honesty and integrity".

Author: 0 Bill Cosby back in court for jury deliberations

As jurors deliberated three aggravated sexual assault charges against Cosby, his publicist Andrew Wyatt read aloud a statement by Marguerite Jackson, a student adviser at Temple University who worked and was pals with alleged victim Andrea Constand around the time of the alleged 2004 assault.

Author: 0 Grand Tour host Hammond suffers knee fracture in crash

St Gallen police spokesman Gian Andrea Rezzoli told Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten that the driver of the auto was taken by air ambulance to hospital and the fire was extinguished by firefighters. "He is now being treated in hospital for a fractured knee and having the once over". "He has been very lucky". "The crash was really bad", they said.

Author: 0 Rocket League Will Collide with the Nintendo Switch this Holiday Season

The upcoming RPG hits the Switch this holiday season. Exclusive Nintendo Switch content was teased for release later this year during Q4. Also, it's not going to be coming out for "at least" another year. "We're aiming for a design that allows anyone in the world to pick up and play at a glance". After all Nintendo is making a new Metroid game. It's a new art style for the Yoshi series, but our little green friend is looking absolutely adorable.

Culture Bella Hadid is Bringing Back the Dress With Sneakers Trend
Author: 0 Bella Hadid is Bringing Back the Dress With Sneakers Trend

The images clicked through a window of her apartment shows Hadid displaying her famous curves wearing just a white tank top and black panties, while Barrett is seen shirtless. Only a month has passed since these possible flames first unveiled the fact that they were hanging out. As summer heats up, breathable sneakers are a must - and the perforated style chosen by Hadid for her plane ride home are a stylish and affordable option.

Culture Fan throws bottle at Justin Bieber for not singing Despacito
Author: 0 Fan throws bottle at Justin Bieber for not singing Despacito

Last month, the "Baby" singer had made headlines by singing "blah, blah, blah" and random Spanish words because he forgot the Spanish lyrics of " Despacito ". A Justin Bieber-bound shoe moved too " Despacito " for the singer's cat-like reflexes. "Whoa, don't throw things at me", he said after dodging the object.

Author: 0 Donald Trump Jr. Completely Contradicts His Dad's Comey Claim

However, Trump said Comey's testimony proved there was "no collusion, no obstruction" on his part. It seems that Donald Trump Jr. contradicted his father's statements on Comey , implying that his father did in fact tell the former FBI director to drop the investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Author: 0 Dennis Rodman says 'trying to open a door' in North Korea

The unpredictable Trump has offered some mixed messages to Kim Jong Un , saying he would be "honored" to meet him under the right conditions and once describing the young leader as "a pretty smart cookie". Former President Bill Clinton went in 2009 in order to get two journalists, Euna Lee and Laura Ling, released and former Central Intelligence Agency director James Clapper visited in November 2014 to bring home Korean-American missionary Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller, who was charged ...

Author: 0 NBC Defends Megyn Kelly Interview With Alex Jones

Many people question the newsworthiness of giving a man of Jones' dubious sanity a nationwide public platform to air his peculiar views. Now the far-right conspiracy theorist, who in the past has claimed that the USA government was responsible for 9/11, and that the Apollo moon landing was staged by NASA, has been interviewed by NBC's Megyn Kelly .

Author: 0 Trump declares 'vindication' following Comey testimony to Senate

This week, during the highly anticipated Senate Intelligence Committee appearance by Comey, he said the U.S. president lied on several occasions, and he illustrated Trump's knack for self-sabotage. James Lankford (R-OK) what he learned from questioning Comey and why the President was so interested in clearing his former NSA director Michael Flynn.

Culture Shares Bounding to a New High Mark: Golden Entertainment, Inc. (:GDEN)
Author: 0 Shares Bounding to a New High Mark: Golden Entertainment, Inc. (:GDEN)

More interesting news about Golden Entertainment Inc (NASDAQ: GDEN ) were released by: and their article: " Golden Entertainment agrees to buy American Casino for $850 mln" published on June 12, 2017 as well as's news article titled: " Golden Entertainment to pay $850 million to buy American Casino & Entertainment" with publication date: June 12, 2017.

Author: 0 Scarlett Johansson & 'Rough Night' Cast Celebrate Premiere in NYC

And, to make things even cuter, Scarlett carried a personalized clutch that said, "Hello my name is Geraldine ", and Geraldine carried one that said, "Hello my name is Scarlett ". "I have been inundated with emails and message about how much we look alike, and I had to look at the photo myself". These ladies were far from having a Rough Night at their film's premiere! And just to mess with everyone, they held each others' names.

Culture Germany Stands By Merkel's Stunning Remarks On Relations With US, UK
Author: 0 Germany Stands By Merkel's Stunning Remarks On Relations With US, UK

President Donald Trump took to social media to blast Germany, a key USA ally that he asserted was unfairly benefiting from trade and the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance ( NATO ). Census Bureau says was a $64.8 billion trade deficit with Germany in 2016 (down from $74.8 billion in 2015). Trump and his global counterparts took part in contentious meetings at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels and the Group of 7 (G7) summit in Sicily last week, in the president's ...

Culture President Trump's Disapproval Rating Just Hit Another Record High
Author: 0 President Trump's Disapproval Rating Just Hit Another Record High

He previously hit 59 percent disapproval in the Gallup tracking poll on March 28. Trump's disapproval rating is equally dire, at a record high 55.9 percent. Those events coincided with the lower averages seen in the past two weeks. Yet the polling firm said it's "difficult" to establish a direct link since Trump's ratings were already poor.

Author: 0 Jeff Sessions to testify in open session before Senate Intelligence Committee

But Sessions himself wanted the hearing to be public, according to Department of Justice spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores. There had been some question as to whether the hearing would be open to the public, but the Justice Department said Monday he requested it be so because he "believes it is important for the American people to hear the truth directly from him".

Author: 0 Samoa Joe Talks Brock Lesnar (Video), Finn Balor Thanks Singapore, WWE Stock

My honest hope is that it has been Dash and Dawson all along and this leads to Enzo and Cass breaking up because they missed the most obvious conclusion while trying to convince themselves a 500-pound dude was sneaking around unnoticed. For one thing, Joe is not scared of Brock Lesnar and has proven through his career that he will fight anyone at any time and won't back down. Just as McMahon was about to yell his "You're Fired" catchphrase, the music of Brock Lesnar hit.

Culture Apple's Next iPhone iOS Might Save Your Life
Author: 0 Apple's Next iPhone iOS Might Save Your Life

As you can figure out from its name, this iOS 11 feature provides users an option to share their Wi-Fi network password with another user (or a guest) who is also using an iOS device. If people can already transfer money easily using built-in Apple features on the iPhone they already have, competing startups might have a steeper hill to climb to achieve the scale they need.

Author: 0 Apple WWDC 2017: The 5 Biggest Announcements

Plus there's a new one-handed keyboard and the Control Centre is now fully customisable. Not only is that terrific news for developers, but it's also good for Apple because the company collects 30 percent of the proceeds of app sales and in-app purchases.

Author: 0 Taylor Swift's Music Is Now Back For Streaming On Spotify

A year later, an entirely different dispute, this time with Apple and its new-at-the-time Apple Music service, ended much differently. After a temporary absence, Taylor Swift is returning to Spotify, as well as other music streaming platforms like Tidal and Amazon Music Unlimited, the popular singer announced on Thursday.

Culture Did Jay Z And Beyonce Build A Million Dollar Maternity Ward?
Author: 0 Did Jay Z And Beyonce Build A Million Dollar Maternity Ward?

A source told the Mail On Sunday that a "van full of high-tech kit have been seen arriving at the mansion over recent days". As for the reasoning behind the home birth, the website cites the drama surrounding Blue's birth at Lenox Hill Hospital in NY, in which the Carters received negative press.

Culture Honda Fit: Little Guy Gains Big Safety Tech
Author: 0 Honda Fit: Little Guy Gains Big Safety Tech

Jeff Conrad, the senior vice president of Honda's American Automobile Division says of the auto, "With sporty new styling and additional feature content, the 2018 Honda Fit ups the ante with new styling and sophistication not typically found in the subcompact segment".

Author: 0 Young 'Wonder Woman' Star Hopes To Be 'Just Like' Gal Gadot

The 45-year-old filmmaker is yet to sign on the dotted line for a " Wonder Woman " follow-up. " Wonder Woman " is easily the best film since Christopher Nolan's batman trilogy. Jenkins told EW about Gadot being pregnant during shooting: "Now, at least, we will be able to tell her [new] daughter Maya that she's in her mom's stomach right then, in the middle of that battle scene".

Author: 0 Wonder Woman's No Man's Land Scene Was Almost Cut

Pine fans the flames of a romantic subplot with a twinkle in his blue eyes but his gung-ho airman is considerably more enamoured with Wonder Woman than us. Ahead of the film's premiere, some men took issue with the woman-led movie on social media, especially after a Texas theater announced a woman's-only screening.

Culture Netflix renews 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' for a fourth season
Author: 0 Netflix renews 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' for a fourth season

Shortly after the launch of season three, Netflix has announced they've renewed Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for a fourth season. Whereas season three largely devoted Kimmy's arc to trying to discover what her objective in life should be and the career she should go after, her time in college both begins and ends over the course of a single season.

Culture Colton Haynes dishes on how he lost his virginity
Author: 0 Colton Haynes dishes on how he lost his virginity

During a revealing radio with Andy Cohen on Monday (12 June), the former Arrow and Teen Wolf star said he lost his virginity at the age of 13 to a guy and a girl. "I was rumored to date Lauren Conrad for six months because they were kind of angling a story". They tried to set me up with girls. "I feel really bad that I had to lie for so long...[But] when you're young in this industry, people take advantage of you, and they literally tell you that your dreams are going to come true".

Author: 0 North Korea 'most urgent' threat to security: US Defense Secretary

A released statement from Pyongyang's state-run media openly called out to President Donald Trump's tweet from last December in which he suggested that DPRK's nuclear weapon will never reach the US mainland. It remains to be seen, however, whether North Korea will actually call that bluff and conduct an ICBM test as promised. The situation in Afghanistan , which U.S.

Author: 0 Conway says Comey testimony bad for Lynch

She doesn't think a subpoena is necessary--though she would be "fine" with the special counsel issuing one--and told Keilar she doesn't understand "why the president just doesn't clear this matter up once and for all". There was some uncertainty about whether the hearing would be open or closed, but Sessions apparently requested it "be public", according to the Justice Department.

Culture Polanski's victim pleads to end case: 'He owes me nothing'
Author: 0 Polanski's victim pleads to end case: 'He owes me nothing'

Polanski pleaded guilty to plying Geimer with champagne and forcing himself on her during a photo shoot in March 1977. Now 54, she has said repeatedly that she forgives Polanski but she has never previously appealed directly to a judge on his behalf.

Culture Elle Macpherson and husband Jeffrey Soffer have reportedly split
Author: 0 Elle Macpherson and husband Jeffrey Soffer have reportedly split

Soffer is the son of Donald Soffer, a Florida real estate developer worth $4,2 billion. Macpherson has two teenage sons, Flynn and Aurelius Cy, from her relationship with hedge funder Arpad Busson . Elle Macpherson has reportedly split from her husband of four years. The split from Soffer must have been painful for Elle Macpherson not only because it's her second ruined marriage, but also because she has to move out of the billionaire's house in Miami that occupies almost 25,600 ...

Culture Child found dead after being left on daycare bus
Author: 0 Child found dead after being left on daycare bus

Police said the boy was found around 3:30 p.m. when Ascent Children's Health Services went to retrieve the van to bring the kids there home. The van carrying Christopher arrived at the facility around 7:15 a.m., and he was signed into the Ascent Children's Health Services facility, despite the fact that he never made it off the bus.

Author: 0 Bill Cosby sex case jury to resume deliberations

Jurors heard Cosby's recollection of the incident with Constand through previous statements to police and civil trial testimony, in which he admitted to giving her pills before engaging in a sexual act together. "He's an actor and he's a very good actor", said Duquesne University School of Law professor Wes Oliver. "This ain't right!" bellowed McMonagle. Cosby's wife of 53 years, Camille, was in the courtroom for the first time in the trial.

Author: 0 Schiff says firing Mueller would echo Watergate

However, Ruddy also emphasized that he did not think the president would be wise in dismissing Mueller, especially since there has been a lot of negative buzz in the media regarding the lack of justification from Trump when he fired former FBI Director James Comey .

Culture Second US appeals court keeps Donald Trump's travel ban blocked
Author: 0 Second US appeals court keeps Donald Trump's travel ban blocked

Chin told reporters Monday in Honolulu that he expects the federal government to appeal the ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court . In a filing with the Supreme Court on Monday, the plaintiffs in the Maryland case argue that the controversy is about to become moot, because the entry ban provision was only meant to last for 90 days, and that time runs out two days from now.

Culture Like Caesar just tu Brute for theatre's big sponsors
Author: 0 Like Caesar just tu Brute for theatre's big sponsors

Delta Air Lines and Bank of America have pulled their sponsorship of The Public Theater's version of " Julius Caesar " that portrays a Donald Trump-like dictator in a business suit who gets knifed to death onstage. Delta responded by saying "artistic and creative direction crossed the line on the standards of good taste". The nonprofit Public Theatre said in a statement: "We recognise that our interpretation of the play has provoked heated discussion; audiences, sponsors and ...

Culture [Videos] E3 2017 brings us the Forza Motorsport 7 trailer
Author: 0 [Videos] E3 2017 brings us the Forza Motorsport 7 trailer

You might not get a manual gearbox option but would it really matter? Anyway, the 911 GT2 RS features nearly 700 horsepower powered by a 3.8-liter twin turbo engine. As for the game, Forza Motorsport 7 will serve as the marquee technical showcase for Microsoft's 4K-ready Xbox One X (née Project Scorpio). Porsche's new GT2 RS features in Forza Motorsport 7 .