Author: 0 In Brexit heartlands, May's election gamble could depend on turnout

A failure to win the June 8 election with a large majority would weaken May just as formal Brexit talks are due to begin while the loss of her majority would pitch British politics into turmoil. However the Opinium poll for the Observer newspaper suggested May was still set for a substantial parliamentary majority. Her reasons for holding the election - to sort out Brexit-related opposition from parties in Westminster - has still not convinced many.

Author: 0 Who SHOULD win the Fatal 5-Way at WWE Extreme Rules?

The match to determine this will see Bray Wyatt , Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe battle in a fatal five-way. In the case of Rollins, a $9 bet would yield $20.70 if he won or a $9 bet on Wyatt would yield $126 should he win the match.

Culture New Harry Potter Fan Film Explores Voldemort's Origins
Author: 0 New Harry Potter Fan Film Explores Voldemort's Origins

Earlier this year, start up Tryangle Films set up a Kickstarter page in a bid to raise funds for their project Voldemort: Origins Of The Heir - a film based around Tom Riddle's life before he became the Dark Lord. 'The only thing we can say is that they let us proceed with the film, in a nonprofit way, obviously '. With the legal obstacles out of the way, director Pezzato and co-director Stefano Prestia hope to have the movie released by the end of the year.

Culture Grande visits Manchester bombing victims
Author: 0 Grande visits Manchester bombing victims

Ariana Grande has said she is "praying for London" ahead of the benefit concert for the Manchester terror attack victims . London Bridge and nearby Borough Marketn are in lockdown after the two separate attacks. "We will continue to honor the ones we lost, their loved ones, my fans and all affected by this tragedy", Grande said in an open letter to her fans.

Author: 0 Flashback - Kathy Griffin: 'Happy to Deliver Beat Down' to Barron Trump

Comedian Kathy Griffin ignited controversy this week after she released a photo of herself holding a fake severed head of President Donald Trump in a fashion similar to the beheadings perpetrated by the Islamic State. "I don't think I will have a career after this. He's a bully", Griffin said in a Friday press conference . Following the coverage, Lovato took to Twitter and, without naming names, made a reference about people who put others down.

Author: 0 German Music Festival Rock am Ring Evacuated Over Terrorist Threat

That prompted officials to halt the festival at the Nuerburgring racing circuit in western Germany . Authorities said there were "concrete indications on the basis of which a possible terrorist threat can't be ruled out", but gave no details at the time.

Author: 0 Lead of UK Conservatives holds, May now seen negatively

When next week's general election was first announced, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was not seen to have even a chance of winning. With less than a week to polling day, Opinium in The Observer has the Tory advantage down to just six points whereas ComRes for the Independent and Sunday Mirror shows the Conservatives holding firm with a 12 point lead.

Culture Dead Men Tell No Tales' tells the same ole story
Author: 0 Dead Men Tell No Tales' tells the same ole story

The opening scene of the new " Pirates of the Caribbean " is a fitting metaphor for where we stand in this long franchise: A creaky old galleon is unceremoniously yanked up from the ocean depths and the only things aboard are cranky old ghosts.

Author: 0 Manchester bomb probe police make 18th arrest

The man, arrested in the Rusholme area, is the 17th person to be arrested in connection with the May 22 attack. Six people, including two cousins of attacker Salman Abedi, have been released without charge. The proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the We Love Manchester emergency fund set up by the municipality in partnership with the British Red Cross to support the victims of the bombing and their families.

Author: 0 Guentzel gives Pens a quick 1-0 lead in Game 3

Well, Laviolette never thought of switching goalies. P.A. Parenteau and Harry Zolniercyzk are expected to replace Vern Fiddler and Cody McLeod , based on this morning's skate. We got the job done. "Hopefully a game like this is something that's a hard lesson", Crosby said. How it happened: Jake Guentzel opened the scoring less than three minutes in, cleaning up the rebound off an Ian Cole slap shot from the point.

Author: 0 Three Mile Island to shut down for good

Although no one died and no immediate injuries were linked to the incident, no new nuclear power plants have been built in the United States since then. It would prefer the state move toward an energy policy that rapidly ramps up wind, solar and other clean, renewable energy sources and efficiencies and phases out "dirty stuff including fossil fuels and nuclear".

Culture Warning out for Thais after London attack
Author: 0 Warning out for Thais after London attack

President Donald Trump wasted no time using another apparent terrorist attack in London to argue for USA courts to reinstate his travel ban focused on people from predominantly Muslim countries. At least two of the attackers are believed to have been shot by police outside a pub. Within my line of sight there must have been about five or six people on the ground.

Author: 0 Fans in near-stampede in Turin after Champions League match

Bale has been hampered by ankle and calf injuries for much of the season, but the Wales forward was able to play a part in his hometown after coming on as a 77th minute replacement for Benzema. If somebody wins the Ballon d'Or and scores so many goals, obviously it's a big advantage. "We needed confidence at half-time and we had to take our chances, which we did", he said.

Author: 0 Six Civilians, Three Attackers Dead In London Terror Attacks

May said it is a "fast-moving investigation" and her thoughts are with those caught up in the "dreadful events". I will attending the government's emergency Cobra meeting later this morning. He hid for a few seconds in bushes nearby, then, he said, "I ran for my life". President Trump was briefed on the incident, and immediately took to Twitter to say: "We need to be smart, vigilant and tough".

Culture New images of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi released by police
Author: 0 New images of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi released by police

Many of Abedi's movements and actions in the four days after he returned were carried out alone, but detectives have not ruled out that he may have been part of a "wider network". The other five people released without charge in the United Kingdom include a teenage boy and a woman. Abedi, 22, bought most of the key component parts of the bomb in the days before the attack.

Culture Trump's condolences to British prime minister
Author: 0 Trump's condolences to British prime minister

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition Labour Party, said on Twitter: "Brutal and shocking incidents reported in London ". The BBC reports that more than one person has died. "It's just hard being over here in the states, because we live here now and looking on the news with the things back home, there's nothing we can do.

Author: 0 China reaches for climate leadership mantle

The striking image has contributed to more than two million users reading posts about the United States withdrawing from the agreement, and has prompted widespread online discussion. British Prime Minister Theresa May expressed her dismay. So why the hysteria now, since the Paris agreement, like Kyoto, places demands on the developed world, led by the USA, that it does not on the developing world, led by China? "The Paris agreement is irreversible and will be implemented because it is ...

Author: 0 Man, Carrie Fisher Was Just the Best

Star Wars fans will be feeling the force today as the blockbuster space saga celebrates its 40th anniversary. The photo shoot took place in May 2016 on the Last Jedi's sets in London and Ireland. We have a ton of new images, the reveal of new characters and interviews. And, finally, we've saved the best for last. 'Star Wars' boss Kathleen Kennedy has revealed that Episode IX was supposed to have put long-serving character General Leia in the spotlight.

Culture Gregg Allman Dies: Allman Brothers Band Leader Was 69
Author: 0 Gregg Allman Dies: Allman Brothers Band Leader Was 69

Gregg has received many awards for his music throughout the years including many Grammys. Allman moved in 2000 to Savannah , Georgia, where he spent the remaining years of his life recording music, touring and battling health problems.

Author: 0 'India committed to Paris climate deal'

After the USA withdrawal from the Paris deal sparked pledges of money and solidarity, Figueres said via Twitter on Friday, "Thank you Trump". "The Paris Climate Accord is simply the latest example of Washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages the United States, to the exclusive benefit of other countries, leaving American workers, who I love, and taxpayers to absorb the cost in terms of lost jobs, lowered wages, shuttered factories and vastly diminished economic production".

Author: 0 Real Madrid's dream dozen European Cups

Congratulations to all of our Croatian representatives in the Champions League final for an incredible achievement! Juventus' pressure paid off immediately when Mario Mandzukic scored a spectacular goal to equalise for Juventus in the 27th minute, making the first half to end at 1-1.

Author: 0 Theresa May projected to lose majority in parliament after election

But opinion polls have showed the gap between the Conservatives and Labour closing. British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday she was ready to walk away from Brexit negotiations without a deal with the European Union if the agreement wasn't good enough.

Author: 0 World pledges to save "Mother Earth" despite Trump's snub to climate pact

Landmark buildings around the world were bathed in green light after President Donald Trump announced that he is withdrawing the US from a landmark, worldwide climate agreement. LONDON (AP) - British Prime Minister Theresa May was accused by opponents Friday of failing to stand up to the United States over its withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.

Culture Real Madrid win Champions League Final 4-1 in Cardiff
Author: 0 Real Madrid win Champions League Final 4-1 in Cardiff

Real Madrid won the UEFA Champions League with an emphatic 4-1 victory over Juventus on Saturday. He netted for Manchester United against Chelsea, and in 2014 as Real Madrid beat rivals Atlético. In the end, Modrić's side was victorious, and Luka has thus become the first Croat to win three Champions League titles. "It's a big disappointment, because we thought that we'd done everything necessary to play this Final and finally win it", Buffon told Mediaset Premium during the closing ...

Culture Van hits pedestrians on London Bridge
Author: 0 Van hits pedestrians on London Bridge

Another witness told the BBC she saw a speeding white van veering into pedestrians. London's police said nine people are dead following the attack , including three attackers. Some netizens witnessed the incident tweeted that they saw people got injured and the police has come to deal with it. UK Prime Minister Theresa May said the incidents are being treated as a " potential act of terrorism ".

Culture Germany's Rock am Ring music festival halted over terror threat
Author: 0 Germany's Rock am Ring music festival halted over terror threat

The organiser of the Rock am Ring festival said his event was "paying the price" for officials' failure to prevent the December attack on a Christmas market in Berlin . "Because of the last attack on a concert in Manchester, the security concept for Rock am Ring was modified in advance and the number of security officers was significantly increased to around 1,200", Koblenz police said.

Author: 0 BBC Question Time with Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn: the verdict

After being reminded that Labour were committed to renewing Trident, Corbyn stated that there should be no such thing as first use and that he wouldn't "push the button" first. The prime minister, who had campaigned against Brexit, had come to lead Britain after Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down after last year's referendum.

Author: 0 CAS rejects Atletico Madrid appeal against Federation Internationale de Football Association transfer ban

There were also doubts today about Atletico's willingness to sell Griezmann after it was confirmed the club has been hit with a transfer ban which means they can not sign players until the January 2018 window. So who will United target next? Press Association Sport reported on Thursday that United had cooled their interest in the France worldwide as they seek an out-and-out replacement for Zlatan Ibrahimovic .

Culture Ariana Grande Visited Manchester Bombing Survivors at a Children's Hospital
Author: 0 Ariana Grande Visited Manchester Bombing Survivors at a Children's Hospital

Coldplay , Katy Perry , Pharrell, Justin Bieber , Miley Cyrus , Niall Horan and Take That will also take the stage. The caption was simply a heart. Ariana Grande's record company has donated half a million dollars to the fund for the victims of the Manchester bombing and their families. Jade Gilder, 25, of Fulwood, Preston, said she had attended with her 13-year-old sister Nicole and her mum Angela after being given tickets for Christmas.

Author: 0 Sun newspaper: Up to seven people feared dead in London incidents

A Reuters reporter near the scene said she saw 10 police cars rushing towards London Bridge. Others were injured and received first aid on the bridge, according to a London Ambulance Service statement. He was stabbing him quite coldly, and then the victim slumped to the ground. "There was a guy with a big knife, I mean, I mean, a big knife", Andrew told LBC Radio.

Culture Police arrest 17th person in Manchester terror attack inquiry
Author: 0 Police arrest 17th person in Manchester terror attack inquiry

The arrest came after officers seized a auto which they said could provide a " significant development " in the investigation. As is stands 17 people have been arrested in connection with the investigation, of which six people have since been released without charge.

Culture US Cities, States, Businesses Back Climate Change Agreement
Author: 0 US Cities, States, Businesses Back Climate Change Agreement

May noted that Japan and Canada - fellow members of the G-7 group of rich industrialized nations - also were not signatories, but like Britain remain committed to the Paris agreement . Although this level of temperature change may seem paltry, the deal put significant strain on food and energy production, as well as on clean water sources.

Author: 0 Three things we learned in Cavaliers-Warriors Game 1

Kevin Durant is adding more than 26 points per game , and was the leading scorer in the Game 1 blowout win on Thursday night. "So, 13-0 and they constantly break records every year", Lue said. The only make came when Kyrie Irving hit an off-balance 3-pointer while getting fouled as Thompson contested 10 of those 12 shots. The Cavaliers have a ton of talent, but they'll have a tough time competing in this series even if they put up the same total amount of shots in a game .

Author: 0 May says incident 'potential act of terrorism'

Mr Trump initially retweeted a Drudge Report item about the attacks, then provided his own message about the travel ban. At 7:24 p.m. ET, President Trump tweeted his support for London and the United Kingdom. The mayhem started when a van careered into pedestrians on London Bridge , and ended when police swarmed and killed three attackers said to be wearing what were later found to be fake suicide vests.

Author: 0 MLS All-Star opponent Real Madrid win second straight UEFA Champions League

His career total in all competitions now stands at 600, a record 108 of which have come in the Champions League. "All the coaches you mentioned, they're great coaches". Real Madrid deserved to win in the second half. "They played really well in defence". When Ronaldo was immortalised with a less than flattering bronze bust at Madeira airport recently, there was much laughter at the expense of a man never shy about displaying his chiselled body.

Culture People are OBSESSING over Pippa's honeymoon top
Author: 0 People are OBSESSING over Pippa's honeymoon top

Middleton, wearing a knee-length black and white stripy dress and black cardigan, and her financier husband gamely waved to passers-by as they took in the sights before boarding a water taxi, Channel Seven footage showed. It's safe to say Middleton is wise about her footwear choices, and for her honeymoon workout she opted for a pair of sneakers built for performance.

Author: 0 Have you been affected by the attacks in London?

One woman told Reuters she saw what appeared to be three people with knife wounds and possibly their throats cut at London Bridge at the Thames river. On May 22, a British suicide bomber killed 22 people and injured dozens at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester . His friend Giovanni said he contacted police and the ambulance services, which arrived within around two minutes.

Culture 4-goal Kane tops goal-scoring chart
Author: 0 4-goal Kane tops goal-scoring chart

They have a strict wage structure there as we know and sometime to progress you have to move that a little bit to attract the better players". "He was injured two times in the season but he is so fresh now and he is trying to score a lot of goals to finish at the top".

Culture Brook will face Spence Jr. in front of his hometown fans
Author: 0 Brook will face Spence Jr. in front of his hometown fans

And then he took a voluntary knee during the eleventh and allowed referee Howard Foster to count him out. Brook was returning to 147lbs after losing to Gennady Golovkin at middleweight in his last bout, but he was outlasted by Spence in front of his home crowd as the American took his unbeaten record to 22 fights.

Author: 0 Alexandra Daddario Addresses Those Rampant Zac Efron Dating Rumours

The movie follows devoted, overzealous, lifeguard Mitch Buchannon - Johnson taking over from the role made famous on TV by Hasselhoff - as he butts heads with a brash new recruit (Efron) while investigating a drug smuggling ring. Ha! Whether the romance is real or not, they have got to get better at answering this question! Whilst Alexandra , who plays Summer Quinn, added: "Yes!" From the reviews of the film by the Western media, it is evident that even they have loved Priyanka's ...

Author: 0 Bloomberg to give $15 million for US share of Climate pact

At least two Republican governors announced Friday they were partnering with Democratic-run states to combat climate change after Trump's announcement sparked swift condemnation from academics, industry leaders and environmental experts.

Culture LDS leader asks Nigerians to trust in God
Author: 0 LDS leader asks Nigerians to trust in God

In other words, St Paul tried to be a flawless Christian, but in spite of his best intentions, he sinned. Vow #4: "To Honor Her"  John 12:26 "If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honor". I did, and it did not take me long to realize it is a futile endeavor. It needs to be repaired, so you take your smoking auto down to a fix shop and they paint a nice new shade of candy apple red.

Culture Watch the First Trailer for the That's So Raven Spin-off Raven's Home
Author: 0 Watch the First Trailer for the That's So Raven Spin-off Raven's Home

Raven has two 11-year-old twins, a boy and a girl. Looks like fans will be the ones getting a glimpse of the future for a change! The show will air in July 2017, and features Raven and her best friend Chelsea living together. "I'm executive producer, and what I think will work is writing is how the cast gets along and how the camaraderie behind the set works". Raven-Symone opened up to ET about the spinoff in April, sharing that she hopes the show will bring laughs to fans of all ...

Author: 0 17th Suspect Arrested in Connection With Manchester Bombing

Manchester Police say they have released a man who had been arrested in the concert arena bombing investigation without charging him. "He was arrested on suspicion of offenses contrary to the terrorism act". "We are very interested in anything people can tell us about the movements of this auto, and who was in it, over the past months". The concert, titled One Love Manchester, will be broadcast live.

Author: 0 Cosby arrives at courthouse for jury selection

Jurors can not not be excluded on the basis of race or gender, and McMonagle said that prosecutors had used challenges to remove two black women while accepting white jurors who gave similar answers to questions. "No one should make an effort to be on this jury, and no one should make an effort to not be on this jury", Judge Steven T. O'Neill told the group.

Author: 0 Gregg Allman's funeral service in Macon

The Allman Brothers Band frontman died on May 27 at his home in Savannah, Georgia from complications with liver cancer. In lieu of wearing their formal, funeral blacks, about 100 of Allman's closest loved ones were asked by his estate to wear jeans to honor his southern roots during the ceremony at Snow's Memorial Chapel.