WhatsApp and Instagram hit by outage


Fortunately for users, Facebook has acknowledged the issues, rather ironically, via its official Twitter account. Some have speculated that it's the longest Facebook outage ever. Minutes after Instagram also went down, the website reported. "Facebook's ad section was not functioning either, and it led to an internal error when you tried to buy an ad", the website reported.

"On Wednesday, Facebook Ads Manager, the lifeblood of advertising, was out of order, along with the rest of the platform". However, numerous small- and medium-size businesses use it.

It's worth nothing that Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Facebook gave the following statement to BleepingComputer regarding this outage. WhatsApp is also affected. While they have not publically identified the problem, they do say that it is not a dedicated denial of service attack.

Earlier in Facebook's history, technical issues were a more common occurrence as the social network raced to keep up with explosive user growth.

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Many of us spend the day alleviating our boredom by scrolling through our social networks. It's setting us back a day, causing a ripple effect to the bottom line. That outage was the second time that month.

Users already logged in on Facebook are able to scroll through their newsfeed, but many functionalities like updating status, uploading files or even messaging aren't functioning properly.

Some advertisers were more concerned by not being able to access Ads Manager.

"Facebook will be back soon", according to a message posted on the social networking site shortly after the outage began early Wednesday afternoon.