US nationals will need visa to enter EU states starting 2021


Those Americans who wish to travel to the United Kingdom will not need to apply for the new authorization.

It is not a visa.

The European Commission says the visa refusal rates for countries such as Bulgaria and Croatia remain above the 3 percent threshold set by USA legislation, but steady decreases are evident.

About 61% of USA travelers to Europe in 2017 headed to France, Italy, Germany and Spain, all of which will be covered by the visa rule.

Neither the #ESTA nor the future #ETIAS (EU equivalent) are visas.

The ETIAS travel authorisation will be a necessary and small procedural step for all visa-exempt travellers which will allow them to avoid bureaucracy and delays when presenting themselves at the borders. In June 2018, the European Commission voted in favor of imposing visas on US citizens in the five countries.

Americans will be required to have a ETIAS visa valid for three years when entering European Schengen-zone countries.

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Despite the confusion surrounding the word "visa", the reality is that signing up for the ETIAS authorization application is not the same as applying for a visa. Eventually, the new visa will be required for short-stay travel as well. ETIAS will be a simple, fast and visitor-friendly system, which will, in more than 95% of cases, result in a positive answer within a few minutes.

The official added that the "ETIAS authorization is not a visa". There is an exception to the new rule for minors, who will still only need their normal passport. Registration will take place online.

All in all, the ETIAS is meant to save travelers time and secure European Union borders from security risks.

The European Commission says ETIAS will not require any traveler to go to a consulate or submit biometric data, and that it will gather "significantly less information" than during a standard visa application procedure. These do not have any internal borders and therefore allow people to travel across borders freely.

They will have to fill out an online application and provide a small fee of nearly $8.

U.S. citizens will need permits to travel to the European Union starting in 2021 and they're being urged to get ready.