Beware of drowsy driving as Daylight Saving Time begins


Last year marked 100 years since the United States established Daylight Saving Time.

As Sunday morning nears, do not forget to set your clocks forward by one hour by 2 a.m., or before you go to bed Saturday night.

According to the fire department, smoke alarms are created to last up to 10 years, but battery life spans are far shorter, and whenever daylight saving or standard time arrives, officials recommend replacing batteries as a precaution.

"During daylight hours is when our "awake hormone" is released, and as it nighttime approaches, our bodies will release more melatonin, 'the sleepy hormone, '" said child sleep consultant Heather Young. However, for those who like a late sunset, it's Daylight Saving Time that's your friend.

And if all of this seems too cumbersome or hard for you, Carrier has two simple solutions for adjusting to Daylight Saving Time this weekend.

This weekend people across the United States will lose an hour of sleep when the clocks jump forward an hour for daylight saving time.

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And some research has even linked daylight saving time to certain heart problems, particularly for those who already are vulnerable. Cities like NY and Pittsburgh passed their own daylight saving time laws, and it was brought back nationally for a little while during World War II. They believed having more daylight hours would help conserve energy, which seems like a no brainer.

Daylight saving time began in 1918 but the rules around it changed in most recently in 2007.

Saskatchewan, meanwhile - the only province that follows central standard time (CST) year-round - will go out of sync with Manitoba on Sunday.

In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson finally smoothed it out, making daylight saving time the law of the land. The other issue is whether we need to favor the evening over the morning when trying to distribute our sunlight - not just during spring and summer and early fall but throughout the year. "Since most fatal fires occur at night, it's essential that every home has working smoke alarms to provide an early warning".

Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-FL) and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) introduced the Sunshine Protection Act this week.

Floridians - like the rest of us - will just have to go with the flow, for now at least.

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