Android Q Beta First Look!


Also, flashing additional Android Q preview images will cause more data wipes, and if go this route, you will not get automatic OTA updates like you do with the Android Beta Program (as above). Meanwhile people are debating which sweet treat will be the version codename for Android Q. This lets app developers set a path into their app from the sharing menu, making sure everything's in place for the user to send what they want.

Add to that a whole host of smaller updates and behind the scenes tweaks - from the ability to undo changes to the home screen to code optimisations - as well as new features still to be announced, and there's a lot to explore in Android Q. Specifically affecting a device's location access; with the OS, users will be able to limit apps to only pull localtion information while the app is in use.

Apps will also find it harder to gain access to things such as photos, videos, and audio.

A feature called Sharing Shortcuts will help make sharing in Android Q faster. And because they're published in advance, the share UI can load instantly.

Monochrome is self-explanatory, and can be found in the current version of Android, 9.0 Pie.

These Settings Panels are floating interfaces which can be actioned from within an app and used to change settings before closing seamlessly. Speaking of Wi-Fi, Google is adding new wireless technologies to manage IoT hardware via Wi-Fi.

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Starting in Android Q, apps can request a Dynamic Depth image which consists of a JPEG, XMP metadata related to depth related elements, and a depth and confidence map embedded in the same file on devices that advertise support. At the other end of the scale, there's a Wi-Fi performance mode to increase speed and lower latency at the expense of battery life. This will make it possible for apps to offer specialized blur and bokeh options.

But as we've said, take this with a big pinch of salt.

Moving forward, the OS update will also feature an improved share function.

However, those wanting to give it try early could be disappointed as is now only available on the Pixel range of phones.

Finally, Android 10 will require 64-bit support in all apps.

Google's Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL aren't even five months old at this point, and leaks have told us that there are still two more versions of the Pixel 3 coming this year.