Venezuela denies European Union lawmakers entry given 'conspiratorial motives'


The city is the staging point for foreign humanitarian aid - much of it from the US government - that is being blocked from entry to Venezuela by socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Trump is to make a public case that Venezuela's military, which could play a decisive role in the stalemate, should support Guaidó's government. ICRS was echoed by United Nations spokesman Stephen Dujarric who said earlier this month that humanitarian action related to Venezuela should be independent of political or military goals.

"You will lose everything", Trump warned in his speech, declaring, "Today I ask every member of the Maduro regime: end this nightmare of poverty, hunger and death for your people".

The military and security forces should listen to President Guaido and allow humanitarian aid into Venezuela.

He has given the Maduro government until Saturday to let the shipments into the country, which is in the grip of a humanitarian crisis due to shortages of food and medicine exacerbated by hyperinflation.

President Trump is delivering a speech to the Venezuelan community in Miami, as his administration cracks down on Nicolas Maduro's regime and insists all options are on the table to pressure him to step down.

Russian Federation and China, among a spate of other nations, say that they recognise Maduro as Venezuela's only legitimate president.

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Mr Guaido announced that British billionaire Richard Branson was organising a concert for February 22 in Cucuta with renowned worldwide artists to raise money for the relief effort. "How many concerts are they going to stage?"

"The United States knows where military officials and their families have money hidden throughout the world", the White House said in describing what Trump planned to say.

Guaido delivered remarks in Spanish at the event via video address, thanking Trump for supporting his challenge to the regime and Florida for taking in Venezuelans that have fled the country.

It is not clear whether Trump will also hit those domestic political notes in his Monday speech. Mr. Trump has used Venezuela as an example of what, in the administration's view, happens when a country turns to socialism.

Trump was introduced by first lady Melania Trump and joined by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida Sens.

Trump will also look to frame the situation in Venezuela in broader terms, arguing that a transition to democracy in Venezuela "will help promote democracy in Nicaragua and Cuba", Sanders said, calling it a "pathway for the first fully democratic hemisphere in human history".

"Our principal task is to reach a million volunteers by February 23", Mr Guaido said in a message to the 600,000 supporters who have signed up so far for the push to bring aid in.