Tesla rolls out 'sentry mode' safety feature


Tesla owners can feel less bad about leaving their pooch in their auto. The electric auto company has rolled out a new feature created to keep your dog safe when you need to run short errands.

Leaving your pet (or child) in a auto on a hot day while you're off running errands is a big no-no, as temperatures inside a car's cabin can often reach risky levels. The idea for Dog Mode comes after a Twitter user posted the suggestion to Elon Musk, after Tesla release of Software Version 9.0 that includes the above-mentioned Cabin Overheat Prevention.

Owners can enter the climate control context menu on their cars and choose "Dog" to enable the feature.

For a more severe threat, like someone breaking a window, the mode activates the auto alarm, increases the brightness of the center display, plays loud music and alerts owners on their Tesla mobile app.

Dog Mode regulates the temperature in the vehicle for your fur babies, while also letting passersby know that they're okay. Dog Mode similarly is a dedicated mode within the cabin settings menu.

In addition to dog mode, Tesla also launched "sentry mode" for vehicle owners.

Considering Sentry Mode's functions, HAL 9000's red "eye" is an accurate representation of the security feature.

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As a Valentine's Day present to pet-loving Tesla owners, the electric auto company rolled out its highly anticipated "Dog Mode" Thursday.

For example, if someone leans on the auto while the owner is away, it will go into "alert" mode and display a warning message on the infotainment screen, saying that cameras are recording.

If you're anxious about how the vehicle battery might impact on Dog Mode, you'll receive a notification in the Tesla Mobile app if it drops below 20% charge. The new feature will presumably deter would-be criminals from trying to steal or break into Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Model 3, considered to be one of the most successful electric cars in the market because of its relative affordability, is poised to have a devastating first quarter sales report.

The electric sedan is crucial to Tesla's goal of becoming a profitable, mainstream automaker. It is also lauded for impressive acceleration, with zero to 60 kph in just 3.3 seconds.

The vehicle has no traditional dashboard, but instead a computer monitor in the center of the auto which shows details about the auto and its route.