Take a Look At This Apex Legends Weapons Chart


"Despite having over 600,000 less total hours streamed than Fortnite in the past seven days, Apex Legends incredibly has had nearly 11 million more total hours watched", notes Dexerto.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment, a development studio Electronic Arts has owned since late 2017, Apex Legends features a similar battle royale-style of gameplay popularized by Fortnite.

Apex Legends is now available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4. "Fortnite" maker Epic Games is privately held, though Chinese investment firm Tencent Holding (OTC: TCEHY) holds about a 40 percent stake.

An initial advantage over Call of Duty:Black Out and PUBG is that Apex is free-to-play. No price tag is what played a major role in helping the game reach such a target. A huge missed opportunity for COD: Blackout, not for Apex.

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With eight playable characters, it can be hard to determine which one to pick. This is still exciting news for mobile gamers, though.

Obviously, this side-by-side comparison of Twitch performance needs to come with a reminder that Apex Legends has only been out a week while Fortnite has dominated the platform for a year. There's nothing truly groundbreaking here, but it's the vast amount of little things that Apex does extremely well that makes it stand out from the rest. Many have hoped that the developers will add the ability for smaller teams and solo play too.

"What a week! Since we launched Apex Legends last week on Monday we've seen the creation of an Apex Legends community that is excited, thriving, and full of great feedback and ideas", Zampella said.

Only time will tell whether Apex Legends can sustain explosive growth and stick around for as long as Fortnite has. Indeed, it took Fortnite the best part of six months to climb to 45 million players, and if EA's rival shooter continues at this sort of pace, that record will be decimated. Will players jump ship again?