Pot smokers find caged tiger in abandoned Texas home


Several packages of meat were found with the animal, ABC13 said. It was secured with a nylon strap and a screwdriver for the top of the cage.

Police in Houston, Texas in the U.S. said that when the person called to report what they had seen on Monday, they thought the caller was hallucinating. Officials said the individual had initially been asked if they were hallucinating or high.

The tiger is being moved to a Texas animal sanctuary on Tuesday at an undisclosed location, Cottingham said.

A citizen of Houston was in for a big surprise when he was searching for a place to smoke.

They were in the house to smoke marijuana - but this was no drug trip.

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The home had been abandoned for some time, but someone coming by has been feeding the tiger, Alderete said.

Pablo Briagas, who lives on the street where the tiger was found, said, "I have my kids here", he told the Houston Chronicle.

Authorities could sentence the owner of the tiger with an expensive fine if they identify them. An investigation remains ongoing.

Although the tiger, which appeared to be well fed, was cooperative, it was tranquilized for the trip across town to the BARC campus, which is mostly used for dogs, cats and occasional farm animals, Cottingham said.

"She is pretty large so she doesn't look underfed", Cottingham added, in an on-air news segment. "It's a handsome animal and we want it to live a happy healthy life". "Very, very rarely do we take in a tiger". A one-thousand pound tiger was found inside the garage of a abandoned home in Houston. Unfortunately, sometimes people think it's cool to have an exotic wild pet. "They can be extremely unsafe". The Houston Zoo, which also responded to the incident, told KPRC-TV that they weren't able to take the tiger due to capacity issues.