Facebook Messenger app: You can now delete messages sent with Messenger


However, as popular as Facebook Messenger is, it's never offered the ability to delete or "unsend" a message.

Global News tested the "Remove for Everyone" feature on Messenger and was successfully able to delete a message from its chat history.

"Messenger users typically delete messages for themselves within a minute of sending it, so Messenger's time limit of ten minutes should give people ample time to remove their message". This works both for one-on-one conversations as well as in groups.

What happened: Facebook has just released a feature that will allow users to delete Facebook Messenger texts after they've already been sent, according to The Verge.

WhatsApp started experimenting with a message deletion feature back in late 2017, which is now commonplace for users across the world.

"Starting today, we are launching a feature where you can easily remove your message on Messenger - whether it's to one person or a group", it said.

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Zuckerberg infamously had the power to delete messages he sent after multiple sources noted that messages they received from the CEO had mysteriously disappeared. To do this, users need only to tap the message once and select "Remove for Everyone".

The New York Times used one of Facebook's tactics to poke at the social network by sharing a nostalgic anniversary video spotlighting its stumbles.

A placeholder message will let the recipients of the original message know you removed a message in place of where the message originally appeared.

It also isn't limited to texts - users can also remove photos, videos, links and other kinds of content. "I'm simply pointing out what you can see based on all the really good journalism that's out there and what you can see from using the product".

There are few among us who have never Googled 'how to unsend messages on Facebook'.

If you manage to do this in time, the only remnant will be a note, informing others in the chat that the message has been deleted. though you must always be wary of those trigger happy screen-shotting pricks. In fact, Messenger doesn't end to end encrypt messages by default like WhatsApp, Signal and iMessage do - that's reserved for the annoyingly hidden "secret message" feature.