Trump wants India, Russia, Pakistan to fight Taliban in Afghanistan


And we are supposed to say, "oh, thank you for the library".

Trump had earlier mocked Modi's comments on building a library in Afghanistan.'I don't know who's using it', he. "Why are we there and we're 6,000 miles away?"

India on Thursday dismissed US President Donald Trump's remark that it is not doing enough for peace and stability in Afghanistan, with sources here saying New Delhi does not send troops overseas except under specific United Nations mandate. Over the past few years India has helped Afghanistan build roads, erect power transmission lines and construct a parliament building. India justified its partnership with Afghan. Trump's thesis was that foreign leaders take America for a ride.

Mohib was in Delhi for two days for talks with his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval.

"India is not driven by commercial or short-term strategic gains".

India, on its part, conveyed India's continued "support" for the efforts of the Government and the people of Afghanistan to bring "peace", "security" and "prosperity" to that country. Russia. ... The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia.

When Kabul reached out to the United States for clarification, they were told that the "leaked" news report was just one of several proposals being debated within the USA government.

His claim that the incursion was a response to "terrorists going into Russia" also diverges with what the USA believed, that it was part of the Soviet effort to spread communism.

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But Pence said the United States was not "giving up on the fight" against IS militants and Washington was "going to continue to lean into the fight". And literally, they [Russia] went bankrupt. The decision to abandon the SAARC in favour of groupings like BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation), BBIN (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal) and IORA (Indian Ocean Rim Association) may have provided some short-term returns in "isolating Pakistan", but it has had the effect of cutting Afghanistan loose from Indian leadership of South Asia as well.

India has not built a library in Afghanistan, according to officials who have served long stints there.

"US is thinking about their interests when they sent troops to our country and fought for the past 17 years", Asad Khoramj, a Kabul resident told Al Jazeera.

For India, these developments may appear discouraging, but a more pragmatic view is necessary to deal with all possible outcomes.

Though India has not put its boots on Afghan soil, it has played a key role in the reconstruction efforts of the war-ravaged country, including key infrastructure projects.

"All presidents of America not only denounced this invasion but remained supporters of this holy jihad of the Afghans", read the statement, which added that the government would be seeking clarity from the United States.

"There is no doubt that every player has its own stakes in Afghanistan. We are talking to a lot of different people". India focused on small developmental projects and community-development programmes covering wide-ranging sectors. "These projects give more benefits and provide material basis to have peace and stability in the long run". But Trump seems to have pricked some of India's naive and ideologically-driven bubbles on the Afghan question.

"Even the American establishment understands the importance of investing in civilian infrastructure and primary education". (I have) great relationship with Prime Minister Modi. Meanwhile, Mr. Ghani has been unable to keep his commitment to hold a Loya Jirga (grand council of representatives) to turn Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah's post in the NUG into an executive Prime Ministership. Earlier a year ago he rebuffed Modi's import tariff cuts on Harley Davidson bikes. And Modi tells Trump about a library? No doubt, the revival of the US-Saudi Arabia-UAE-Pakistan caucus to finesse the Taliban's role in the future Afghan political scenario meets with Washington's requirement.