Tim Cook wants Apple's greatest contribution to mankind to be in healthcare


Apple gave its chief executive Tim Cook a hefty 22 per cent pay raise in 2018, bringing his total compensation for the year to nearly US$15.7 million (RM64.6 million), according to a filing submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Apple boss Tim Cook has revealed the iPhone maker will launch new services later this year.

But they think the primary driver of Apple's demand doldrums come down to a "mispriced smartphone with XR as the culprit in China and elongated upgrade activity within its installed base a clear headwind".

Chipmaker Qualcomm has today accused Apple's chief executive Tim Cook of making "misleading" comments, after the tech boss claimed settlement talks between the two rowing companies ended in September.

Cook's comments also came as Qualcomm is in the midst of an antitrust trial with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over numerous same patent licensing practices Apple has criticized.

"Look, the truth is, we haven't been in any settlement discussions with them since the third calendar quarter of past year".

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"If you zoom out into the future, and you look back, and you ask the question: 'What was Apple's greatest contribution to mankind?', it will be about health", he said.

Apple's shares, recently up about 2% to near $154-though still down in 2019-have gained as the company has sought to demonstrate that it has charted a path toward growth by focusing on selling more services and worrying less about iPhone sales. Cook further adds, "We are taking what has been with the institution and empowering the individual to manage their health".

The Top got Manager 15.7 million dollars (13.7 billion euros) and a stroke of 22 percent more money than in the previous year, as Apple announced. And we're just at the front end of this.

Apple then hit back by telling Reuters that, "Qualcomm is desperate to obfuscate the tales it has been telling its investors". Apple, in other words, is still very much an innovator, according to its CEO - and with the evolution of its wearables business, could very well be at another of those seminal moments for the company that the arrival of the iPod also heralded.

The $12 million bonus to Cook was linked to revenue and operating income targets - both of which rose 16 per cent from 2017.