Samsung’s Galaxy Fold (SM-F9000) gets certified by CMIIT


Although normally a trustworthy site, it is worth taking these specs with a pinch of salt until the specifications are confirmed by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy M10 is expected to be an affordable smartphone and so will be the Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30.

Ahead of its expected debut, the Galaxy S10 and S10+ have appeared on China's 3C (China Compulsory Certificate) certification board. The phone features a large display at the front with very thin bezels. Unlike other typical Samsung smartphones, it gets a side-mounted fingerprint sensor which doubles up as a power button. This is mere speculation at this time, though. This notch will reportedly be called the "Infinity-V" by Samsung and it is there to make space for the front facing single camera.

Stay tuned for more leaks and spills ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch. Another interesting addition is the presence of a speaker grille on the rear panel.

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While this is a feature that's becoming more common on high-end devices these days, Samsung doesn't seem to be in a rush to roll out an upgraded fast charging system. By looking at its screen size, we can assume that the device is a plus variant of the Galaxy S10 which has a bigger screen. It will likely to come with the latest version of Bixby 3.0. The power button and the volume rocker keys are located on the right.

Aside from the 10th edition of its flagship Galaxy S series, Samsung is busy working on bringing the Galaxy M series and the 2019 edition of the A-series. We'll have to wait to discover what the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus looks like as well.

While we don't know exactly what the differences between the two phones will be, we are certain that the first impressions of the S10 Plus are impressive when comparing the pair.