Prowler spends 3 hours licking doorbell at California home


Police say it's no laughing matter, because the man spent hours licking the doorbell and walking around the family's yard. The homeowners were not home at the time, but they told news station KION that their children were.

They claim they weren't woken up by Arroyo but later came across footage of the whole thing on their security system and called the police.

Police said the newly installed security system helped to make their job easier.

Roberto Daniel Arroyo, 33, was captured taking part in the weird act on the Dungan's home CCTV in Salinas, California, on Saturday morning.

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Sylvia Dungan, "doorbell licker victim", told Kion: "I thought, boy there's a lot of traffic".

Still, the incident baffled the Dungans' neighbours, Alfred Santos saying: "I thought I'd seen it all, but now, this takes the cake".

They added that he appeared to "relieve himself" in the Dungan's garden and entered several other neighbours' yards. "This just kind of reinforces how important it is to have security within your home". He also reportedly went to a neighboring home as well. "He didn't break anything", Sylvia Dungan said. Perhaps not surprisingly, he is known to police, who are seeking to charge him with "misdemeanor prowling, theft, and violation of probation", according to Salinas Police spokesperson Miguel Cabrera.

As for the Dungans, they said they came home and made sure to clean off their doorbell.