Police called after man heard shouting death threats


An Australian man triggered a large police operation after he was overheard shouting at a spider inside his home.

"No injuries sighted (except to spider)", the police log assured.

Multiple police units responded with lights and sirens on Wednesday morning after a caller walking past a home heard a man repeatedly shout: "Why don't you die?".

When Wanneroo police arrived on scene, they found a man "trying to kill a spider" who apologised for his arachnophobia.

Police sent to investigate the Perth suburb were faced not with a gruesome murder scene, but a sheepish arachnophobe desperately trying to dispatch a spider.

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Wanneroo Police tweeted about the incident before deleting it, citing confidential internal police communications, "typos in it, things like that" as reasons, the Telegraph reported.

"It's great that it's only an incident involving a spider".

The man, who is understood to have a "serious fear of spiders" apparently apologised to police for the inconvenience, the Wanneroo Police tweet said.

Western Australia police had initially posted details about the emergency call on Twitter. Despite the number of venomous spider species, there has only been one spider-caused death in the country since 1981.

WA Police Force were alerted by an alarmed passerby who overheard a male voice yelling as a toddler screamed. Jayden Burleigh, from Sydney, died after receiving treatment at a hospital.