One additional measles case reported in Vancouver outbreak


Thirty-six cases of measles have been confirmed in two Washington State counties as of January 28. A further nine cases of measles are suspected, the AP reports. Most of the patients are children under 10.

Officials still are not sure where this Pacific Northwest outbreak began. "The existence of 26 confirmed cases in the state of Washington creates an extreme public health risk that may quickly spread to other counties". Adults born in the US before 1957 are considered immune to measles from past exposures, but in situations where exposure to measles is likely, these adults may benefit from a dose of MMR vaccine to be safer.

Health experts say measles is one of, if not the most contagious virus out there.

The website also noted that of the 35 confirmed cases, 31 of those individuals had not been immunised against measles. "These costs could have been prevented if we had everybody vaccinated".

A measles outbreak has prompted a state of emergency in the state of Washington, an area that is considered a hot spot for the anti-vaccination movement. If you've not received two doses of the vaccine in the past or you're unsure, speak to your GP practice.

'Having all these unvaccinated children in Clark County is like pouring gasoline over a fire in the Portland area, and the gasoline is measles, ' said Dr Hotez.

But the vaccine is less effective in those under a year old and is generally not given to infants. Measles was also a leading cause of death for children globally.

Two of her facilities are among more than three dozen locations where people may have been exposed to measles. Most cases of measles are acquired or linked to worldwide travel.

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Thirty-one patients had not been vaccinated against measles. Health officials say it usually starts with a fever, runny nose, cough and red eyes. Sufferers, overwhelmingly children, can be hit with loss of appetite, malaise and confusion. In 2018, six cases were reported.

A measles outbreak in the USA usually begins when a traveler picks up the virus in another country where measles is still common.

Child suffering from measles, pre-1963. This means it is possible that if a person has not been immunized, they could still be spreading the infection without knowing they are.

Health officials urged anyone who has been exposed and believes they have measles symptoms to call their health care provider before visiting a medical office to make a plan that does not put others at risk. If someone who is not immune to the virus breathes the air or touches an infected surface, they can become infected, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"However, if you're not protected, if your child doesn't have the measles shot, now's the time to go visit your doctor to ask if it's time for them to get that shot".

"It's one of the most contagious viruses we have".

Adults should have at least one dose of MMR vaccine. However, despite the national rate of vaccination, there are geographical clusters of unvaccinated people. "So when you think about parents bringing their children in for immunizations, it's not a disease that looms large in your memory". In 2016-17, Camas County, Idaho, led the nation with a 27 percent opt-out rate.

The groups often spread misinformation claiming a link between vaccines and autism.