Johnson urges May to use Brexit loss as leverage


He says the scope of her historic defeat in Parliament means European Union leaders will know they have to make concessions in order to come up with an agreement that would win parliamentary approval.

He said Labour stood by the commitment made at the party conference past year in Liverpool, that if it was unable to force a general election all options must remain on the table - including another referendum. Given there will not be a general election, that means the party must move to campaign for the people to have the final say as the best way out of the current parliamentary gridlock.

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson said the party has a duty to talk to Theresa May if she is prepared to enter into an "intelligent conversation" on Brexit. Our door will always remain open: "Europe is home", the leaders said.

The bilateral agreement announced on Friday comes as part of a series of other measures touted by the Spanish government to try and guarantee the rights of Britons living in Spain and vice-versa in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

In a written response to him on Thursday, the Prime Minister said it was "impossible" for her to rule out no deal without stopping the process altogether.

The former figurehead of the Vote Leave campaign sought to distance himself from controversial adverts about immigration from Turkey during the 2016 campaign.

Her defeat sparked warnings from European leaders that the prospect of "no deal" had increased, with the potential for huge economic disruption on both sides of the Channel.

Mrs May also aimed remarks at Parliamentarians who voted against her Brexit plan on Tuesday, saying that "MPs have made clear what they don't want, we must all work constructively together to set out what Parliament does want". Though Lidington responded with analysis he argued showed a second referendum would take too long, Brake also said the government showed a "continued willingness to engage", which his party would also do.

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But the downside for Corbyn is that Labour seems unlikely to win a no-confidence motion, as the DUP has given no indication that it would ever vote in a way that would help a Corbyn government to power.

Each party includes both pro-Brexit and pro-EU factions, divided into multiple sub-categories: clean-break "hard Brexiteers" who want a firm break with the European Union; those who support keeping close ties to the bloc; and those who back holding a second European Union membership referendum.

Many lawmakers think a "soft Brexit" that keeps Britain in the EU's single market or customs union is the only plan capable of winning a majority in Parliament.

Many ministers believe privately a delay is inevitable because of the sheer weight of legislation the Government must pass before Brexit day.

"I could not, in good conscious, hand the keys of Downing Street to Jeremy Corbyn". Just because her own Conservative MPs hate her Brexit deal, it was foolish to assume that they would bring down their own government.

Coming back to the first point, there is a serious question that must now be asked of the UK's political class.

French President Emmanuel Macron suggested the European Union might be willing to tweak a few minor points - but only if they did not alter the bloc's existing position on trade and borders.

He also mentioned the "benefits of migration" but then said: "We know one of the ways big corporations have held wages down is that they have had access to unlimited pools of labour from other countries".