Blindfolded Utah Teen Crashes Car Doing The ‘Bird Box’ Challenge


Police said that the teen initially told authorities that the crash occurred because she was talking to her friend and gotten distracted, KSL reported.

Jake Paul's "Bird Box Challenge" Video was reportedly removed from Youtube after he drives auto bindfolded. But she may face reckless driving charges after she and a 16 year-old passenger allegedly pulled their beanies over their eyes and attempted to drive down a local highway.

According to KUTV and the Layton police department, she soon careered into the other lane and hit another auto, a light pole and a sound wall. One YouTube star also filmed himself driving while blindfolded.

Have you seen Bird Box?

Lt. Travis Lyman told Fox13 that the 17-year-old female driver of the pickup truck was driving on the Layton Parkway with a 16-year-old male passenger when she chose to take part in the challenge and blind herself using a beanie.

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"Honestly I'm nearly embarrassed to have to say "Don't drive with your eyes covered" but you know apparently we do have to say that", Lyman said.

"It's just inexcusable to do something as unsafe as this, not only to yourself but everyone else on the road", said police Lt Travis Lyman, quoted by While nobody was injured, it's safe to say that driving a vehicle while blindfolded is definitely the opposite of a good idea. "It really puts everybody at risk", said Travis Lyman of the Layton police.

Earlier this month, Netflix warned its viewers against the "Bird Box" challenge. Police are recommending charges of reckless driving.

The "Bird Box" Challenge involves people blindfolding themselves while doing everyday tasks. Officers said she was participating in the popular "Bird Box" social media challenge.