Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Schools Joe Lieberman Over Remarks That She’s Too ‘Controversial’


"It's not the same thing, at all", she said. He frequently voted along Republican ideology lines, and post-retirement from the Senate, served as head counsel for the white collar criminal defense and investigations practice at a law firm that did extensive work for Donald Trump and then later failed to mention that as a conflict of interest when necessary.

Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter, suggesting that Lieberman's glory days are long gone.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) tapped into the nerd fanbase motherlode Friday when she quoted Watchmen author Alan Moore.

Ocasio-Cortez hasn't proposed any legislation directly related to marijuana yet, although she has only been in Congress for like two weeks now.

Former Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) also chimed in about the new congresswoman, telling FOX Business' Neil Cavuto that "with all respect, I certainly hope she's not the future and I don't believe she is".

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Her appointment would be a victory for progressives fighting to curb Wall Street's clout in Washington and inside the Democratic Party itself, Politico reported.

Jokes aside, Ocasio-Cortez is right to clap back at the critics who feel as if she's making them look bad in comparison by making good on the promises she made to her constituents on the campaign trail. Older and wiser Democrats don't care how many Twitter followers she has or how much ink she's getting. "Honestly, if the Democrats had three more of her [Ocasio-Cortez], Americans would run away so fast that we'd have a power monopoly until she's Lieberman's age".

AOC knows that - hell, she represents that - and judging by Joe's inane comments to somebody as far right wing as Cavuto... we think Joe may have an idea that his time has always been up, too.

"I think she needs to give herself an opportunity to know her colleagues and to give herself a sense of the chemistry of the body before passing judgment on anyone or anything", Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY) said.

"I'm focused on my job", Ocasio-Cortez said.