Trump names state spokeswoman Nauert for United Nations ambassador


The heat that Mueller applied to several former Trump campaign officials forced Trump to lose his cool and fire Sessions.

Last month, Trump has made Jeff Sessions to resign at Trump's request. Frequently, new deputies are also appointed when there's a new attorney general. The officials were not authorized to speak publicly. "His compelling credentials and experience, serving at the highest levels in both government-including as a former attorney general under President George H.W. Bush-and in the private sector, make him more than well-qualified to lead the Department of Justice again", Grassley released in a statement.

"I don't think anyone has claimed that either one of those investigations was improperly handled or somehow gave a pass to the individuals being investigated", von Spakovsky said.

Meanwhile, scholars also acknowledged that Nauert has her own strong points.

A sentencing memorandum last Friday for former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn revealed that Mueller's prosecutors are investigating top members of Trump's presidential transition team, and that the Justice Department might have two other separate probes ongoing into Trump campaign members.

The announcement comes during a critical time for special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, of which the next Justice Department chief will inherit oversight.

Mr. Barr, now a lawyer at the firm Kirkland & Ellis, has worked as a lawyer for high profile firms, including at telecom company Verizon.

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Critics have said that while Ms. Nauert may have significant journalism credentials, she lacks foreign policy or other equivalent experience required for the United Nations job. Graham, a Republican, will likely be the next chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

While he has steered clear of overtly partisan attacks on the Mueller investigation, Barr has expressed views about the probe that echo those of Trump.

In November 2017, Barr told the New York Times that there was more basis to investigate the uranium deal approved while Clinton led the State Department than potential collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign. The source called Barr a "very mature choice", and said when Barr emerged as the front runner people at Justice were hoping he'd be the pick "because he's tough he's principled and he's independent".

"In my view, prosecutors who make political contributions are identifying fairly strongly with a political party", Barr told The Washington Post a year ago.

He has raised concerns about Mr Mueller's appointment of prosecutors with a history of donating to Democratic candidates, saying he "would have liked to see him have more balance on this group".

"I most certainly think she has the ability to do the job well, which is to be America's advocate in this global forum", Rubio said.