Some iPad Pro 2018 coming with bent frames, Apple says it’s normal


"I have an approx 1in spot on my iPad Pro screen which is brighter than the rest of the screen - it's unevenly lit". However, it is missing one key feature, according to Jon Gruber on Daring Fireball - split keyboard mode.

Bendgate 2018 is real it would appear, but this time this is for the iPad Pro series.

The curvature is a result of the manufacturing process and would occur during Cooling of the used plastic and metal components, said Apple and the Tech Blog "The Verge" on request.

Okay, so most people aren't silly enough to throw down their hard-earned money on a new iPad Pro, only to snap it in half like that infamous YouTube video which did the rounds recently.

If you've noticed a slight bend in your iPad Pro, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Nelson is known for his unusual scratch, bend and burn tests on smartphones and the occasional tablets.

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Customers have been reporting that their tablets are arriving with a noticeable bend in the frame. Sadly, a similar problem has once again reared its head with the latest iPad Pro, but Apple has justified the seemingly widespread issue as a normal by-product of its manufacturing process.

Prior Apple's statement, many users claimed that the small curve or slight bend was most likely formed gradually over the course of normal use.

Hardly allaying any fears of concerns over the build quality, Apple has said that it is aware of the issue. Some claim the iPad Pro started bending after keeping the tablet in a backpack, while other say the bend was seen out of the box.

IPhone and iPad have always been subjected to bend tests to see how they hold up to abuse. The company confirmed the allegations to The Verge, claiming that the issue is not, in fact, a defect.

The Apple is not considered the Bending as a Defect, the customer with clear consequences: you cannot expect compensation, but not more than grace hope.