'One of the most brutal cases I have seen' - Brother charged in


In a story November 22 about fires at the homes of two New Jersey brothers, The Associated Press erroneously reported the distance between the homes.

On Thursday morning, he was charged with four counts of murder, and one count each of possessing a firearm for an unlawful goal and possessing a knife for an unlawful objective.

Paul Caneiro, 51, was charged with four counts of murder, one count of aggravated arson, one count of illegal possession of a firearm and one count of illegal possession of a knife, Gramiccioni said.

Prosecutors said previously that Paul's brother, Keith, was fatally shot but have not yet confirmed how the other three were killed.

Paul Caneiro then set a fire in the basement of the sprawling home that smoldered for several hours before erupting into an inferno, Gramiccioni said.

Obituaries describe Keith's children as 11-year-old Jesse, who liked World War I and II history, video games and sports, and 8-year-old Sophia, who loved ice skating, ninja classes and making cookies with her nanny.

Authorities filed charges Thursday, Nov. 29, against Caneiro, the brother of a man whose body was found along with his wife and children after their New Jersey mansion was set on fire. Keith stepped out of the Colts Neck mansion, at which point Paul shot him multiple times in the head, the prosecutor said. "One was to destroy evidence that he retained and brought back from the Colts Neck crime scene, and the other was to create some type of a ruse or appearance that his larger overall family was somehow targeted".

Honecker did not immediately respond to a Law&Crime request for comment. Medical examiners had not determined causes of death for them as of midweek.

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Mitchell J. Ansell, one of Caneiro's attorneys, maintained his client was innocent of all charges.

"The fire at his home served two purposes", Gramiccioni said.

He said the fire in Ocean Township was also set "for the objective of both destroying evidence of his earlier crimes in Colts Neck and to also create an illusion that the overall Caneiro family was somehow victimized or targeted".

"He fully expects to be vindicated", Robert Honecker previously told The Post.

Keith and Paul Caneiro were partners at a technology firm in Asbury Park called Square One. Colts Neck, New Jersey, where Keith Caneiro and his family lived, is an affluent community around 50 miles south of New York City.

The brothers were best friends who talked nearly daily, Honecker told CNN, adding he had no reason to believe there was animosity between them.

The prosecutor's office has not discussed a possible motive in the crime.