Michelle Obama on book tour encourages girls to ‘practice sisterhood’


Speaking at an event to promote Becoming, the memoir that has become the fastest-selling book of 2018 with three million copies sold, the former First Lady claimed, in reference to the Trump administration, "change is not a straight line".

Michelle Obama used to have a hard time not only because of protocol issues but also with being accused of talking like she was white when she was a teenager, she told London girls from the secondary school in the British capital that she first visited in 2009.

Obama promptly apologized for her strong language.

Sandberg herself has acknowledged that despite plenty of leaning, the world hasn't made much progress toward equal representation of women since her book came out in 2013.

Before her comments seemingly blasting Sandberg, Obama talked about the struggles of marriage and admonished young people for rushing into the commitment.

Mr Obama said that Ms Dunham was "the one who taught me about hard work".

The former first lady said before Obama, then a USA senator from IL, announced his plans to run she thought she would play the supportive wife and console her husband when he lost.

Symbol of hope’ Michelle Obama gets an enthusiastic welcome from girls at a London school
Symbol of hope’ Michelle Obama gets an enthusiastic welcome from girls at a London school

In 2017, Sandberg admitted that the "lean in" method isn't as effective as she thought it would be: "We are stuck at less than six per cent of the Fortune 500 CEO jobs and their equivalent in nearly every country in the world".

"In terms of women in leadership roles, we are not better off", she said, noting that women occupied less than 6 percent of Fortune 500 CEO jobs and their global equivalents, and the number of countries run by women had decreased. All right, I'm back now. After many a scandal at Facebook, where she is COO, Sandberg has been dipping in and out of hot water since the New York Times reported that she was involved in a smear of George Soros, a charge Sandberg first denied.

During the revealing interview, the 54-year-old mom of two shares intimate insight into the early stages of her relationship with Barack, whom she describes in her book as, "a wind that threatened to unsettle everything". "'What do you think, honey, should I roll up my sleeves?' These days, I'm more in control of my time".

Obama added, "I'd walk away from those events so hopeful".

Mrs Obama also recalled being deprived of sleep during her life in the White House with husband Barack Obama.

The Duchess of Sussex is due to give birth next northern spring, and recently announced she and her husband will move into their home in the grounds of Windsor Castle to prepare.

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