Illegal immigrant 'made Donald Trump's bed and dusted his golf trophies'


An undocumented immigrant who makes President Trump's bed at one of his golf clubs is speaking out against him.

But his marquee Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida is not signed up, nor are his golf courses in Virginia, Philadelphia or Bedminster, New Jersey - where, The New York Times reported Thursday, some illegal immigrants have been working for years.

A woman who has worked for President Donald Trump for years as a housekeeper at his New Jersey golf resort told The New York Times that she's not the only unauthorised immigrant who works for the president, and that she feels hurt by his rhetoric on immigration. She's made Trump's bed, cleaned his toilet, washed his windows, dusted the golf trophies he reportedly bought, washed and ironed his white boxers, golf shirts, khaki pants, sheets and towels. He said she left the Trump club in 2013 shortly after Morales was hired.

She has since become a legal resident, but said that her and Morales worked for years illegally with many others. Trump started running for president. CNN's Don Lemon called Trump a hypocrite for employing undocumented immigrants. "If an employee submitted false documentation in an attempt to circumvent the law, they will be terminated immediately".

That's also a position Mr.

During that campaign, Trump said his own businesses already used the system - which, in most states, is voluntary for employers.

The White House declined to comment.

"We have tens of thousands of employees across our properties and have very strict hiring practices", Amanda Miller, the organization's senior vice president for marketing and corporate communications, told The Times in a statement.

Two women who cleaned rooms set aside for Trump at one of his golf resorts in New Jersey say they used false papers to get hired
JULIO CORTEZ APTwo women who cleaned rooms set aside for Trump at one of his golf resorts in New Jersey say they used false papers to get hired

"This isn't a hotel with 300 employees - they were both in charge of cleaning the president's house", said Romero, referring to a guest house on the property set aside for Trump. She has also "washed and ironed Mr. Trump's white boxers, golf shirts and khaki pants, as well as his sheets and towels".

And there's a listing for TrumpSOHO in NY, which appears to refer to a hotel that Mr. Despite being blocked by business-first GOP and Democratic politicians in Congress, Trump's "Hire American" policy and his regulators are helping to boost wages for blue-collar and white-collar workers nationwide.

None of the major presidential campaigns had signed up for E-Verify - even though some of them who were members of Congress did use the program for their congressional offices.

But federal law threatens companies and CEOs who quiz employees about their legal status - no matter how poor their English. A pattern of abuse could result in criminal prosecution.

Trump has called for a crackdown on immigrants in the country illegally.

The Times found two women who say they entered the United States unlawfully but were employed at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. She said she did not expect to return to work.

She said she was not the only worker at the club who was in the country illegally.

The New York Times article does not explain why Morales would take the risk of exposing her illegal status to a national audience, and so managers to fire here.

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