Huawei CFO arrested in Vancouver as US seeks her extradition


"Wanzhou Meng was arrested in Vancouver on December 1", Ian McLeod, a Canadian Justice Department spokesman said in an emailed reply to questions.

He said Meng faces extradition to the USA, and that a bail hearing has been set for Friday. "The ban was sought by Ms Meng".

The daughter of Huawei's founder, and the firm's current deputy chair, has been arrested in Canada.

In a statement issued exclusively to the News from Huawei's corporate head office, the company explained how Meng was "provisionally detained by the Canadian authorities on behalf of the United States of America, which seeks the extradition of..."

Canadian authorities for their part are not providing any details beyond the arrest, and various US news organizations have been unable to get a comment from US Department of Justice officials.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Justice Department began probing Huawei for potentially violating sanctions that banned the Chinese company from selling equipment to Iran.

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Huawei's Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver while transferring flights, according to the publication. If Meng has been arrested for violating these restrictions, then this would mark the start of another significant technology export regulation case for the US. "The company believes the Canadian and USA legal systems will ultimately reach a just conclusion".

Several months after Donald Trump signed a bill into law preventing US government agencies from buying certain products from the Chinese electronics manufacturer, Huawei's CFO has been arrested in Canada.

"While we lifted the ban on ZTE, the department will remain vigilant as we closely monitor ZTE's actions to ensure compliance with all U.S. laws and regulations", Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said at the time. And perhaps more importantly, USA officials have urged other countries to ban telecom companies from purchasing Huawei equipment. Most recently, the U.K.'s BT said it plans to remove Huawei equipment from its core network.

However, Trump's administration has been cracking down on Chinese involvement in the American tech sphere, including with draft legislation barring the sale of national security-sensitive technology to China and blocking government or contractors from buying telecommunications equipment and services from both Huawei and ZTE.

GCSB Minister Andrew Little said the decision to turn down the overseas network provider was because the technology was too risky - not because the company is Chinese.

Huawei itself has been increasingly on the rocks with the United States for the past year.