Apple Ends Feud With TRAI; Approves Anti-Spam App For India


India Today's report headline reads: "Apple blinks, approves DND app made by TRAI for iOS store and iPhone users".

Coming back to TRAI's DND app, it has been available for Android users on Google Play Store since 2016.

The Cupertino-based iPhone maker Apple has finally relented and has begun hosting the Indian telecom regulator's Do-Not-Disturb app, at the centre of a dispute between the two over privacy concerns.

If you have an iPhone in India, you can now download the TRAI DND app directly from the App Store.

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TRAI DND App will help consumers to curb unwanted Telemarketing Calls/SMS by reporting to their respective telecom service provider (TSP). The app has gone live in the iOS App Store from yesterday, which was confirmed by an Apple spokesperson in India (via VentureBeat).

When you activate the DND app (or any other SMS/ Call Report app for that matter), Apple warns that by "enabling this SMS/ Call reporting allows your device to send to the developer of this app information about your calls and text messages you choose to report". It requires at least iOS 12.1 to run. Trai's Android app allows users to grant access to contacts and messages so that they can report unwanted numbers as spam. And we all know that this is something that violates Apple's rules.

Apple has resolved the issue by introducing a new SMS/Call Reporting framework. It sought access to a user's SMS and call logs and on this subject, Apple was very touchy because it believed that third-parties should not access such details.

We are not exactly surprised by Apple's move as India is an extremely important market for the company and it would do the necessary to avoid an iPhone ban here. So if you're looking for new apps to keep yourself entertained over the holidays, these should make for a good start.