Amazon Web Service (AWS) Release Managed Blockchain Services


To further support this, McAfee MVISION Cloud can be directly purchased from AWS Marketplace.

Two years back, AWS struck a partnership VMware, and ever since the companies have tried to find ways to make this partnership more valuable to their customers.

AWS's Amazon QLDB solution is described as "a transparent, immutable and cryptographically verifiable ledger" for applications that need a way to secure transaction records.

VMware software powers the world's complex digital infrastructure. ( CHKP), a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions globally, today announced a technology integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Hub, a unified security service, which centralizes view and management for security alerts.

Enterprises migrating to AWS often need to manage a large number of accounts, distributed teams, and applications. "It makes sense as AWS needs VMware to make on-premises a reality for them".

McAfee MVISION Cloud is now available on AWS Marketplace. "Every imaginable enterprise vertical on Earth is using AWS", Jassy added.

With AWS Security Hub, customers can quickly see their entire AWS security and compliance state in one place.

The new AWS-Optimized TensorFlow offering, now generally available, allows TensorFlow jobs to be automatically scaled and balanced across multiple GPU-powered EC2 nodes. Together these offerings will enable customers with a consistent infrastructure and operational experience across all VMware and AWS cloud environments.

The AWS Deep Racer model race car
The AWS Deep Racer model race car

The announcement comes soon after the launch of AWS Transit Gateways, which will provide a single way to manage the network resources, both in cloud and on-premises.

The company announced 13 new ML capabilities and services, across all layers in the machine learning stack, to help put machine learning in the hands of even more developers.

Amazon Personalize provides this experience to customers in a fully managed service, which will build, train, and deploy custom, private personalisation and recommendation models for virtually any use case. For instance, the NAB Data Hub which is a data lake we're building on AWS, is a first and foundational element of our data strategy. The other flavor is for customers who prefer the same APIs and control plane they're used to running in AWS' cloud, but want it on-premises, they can use the AWS-native variant of AWS Outposts.

Amazon plans to use reinforcement learning for more serious tasks in the future.

Prepackaged machine learning models for common business tasks-demand forecasting, data preparation, natural language processing-can now be purchased in AWS Marketplace and deployed to Amazon SageMaker. And, developers can start using Amazon Elastic Inference without making any changes to their existing models.

AWS has also boosted its machine learning services.

Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth creates highly accurate training data sets, saves time and complexity, and reduces costs by up to up to 70 percent when compared to human annotation.

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