You can now open Google Assistant with your voice on iPhone


The Assistant itself has been available on iOS for some time now, courtesy of the appropriately-named Google Assistant app. You could also use Siri Shorcuts to run Google Assistant routines, which are like multi-command scripts.

By using the power of Siri Shortcuts, Google has made it possible to configure your own phrase for use when invoking Google Assistant. Hey Google”. You can even make it more elaborate and program a phrase to access a Google Assistant Routine. Google's Assistant has until now been far more clunky to interact with on iPhone and iPad than on Android, but support for Siri Shortcuts cuts out a lot of the headache. Lets face it, many people find Siri to be inferior to the Google Assistant in many aspects including voice recognition. Using Siri Shortcuts, Google is at least removing one such limitation.

The app now supports Siri Shortcuts, which means, with that in tow, you can now say "Hey Siri, OK Google" to beckon Google's assistant. However, iPhone users have had to open up the Google Assistant app manually and then issue voice commands to get things done.

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The prompt to set up the functionality shows up at the top of Google Assistant's main screen as soon as the app is launched, though in the Canadian version of the iOS Google Assistant app the string "KOPALocalizationStringNotFound" is listed in the Shortcuts prompt. This will make it easier for iOS users to ask Google questions while being completely hands free. That's just a sample shortcut that various tech blogs have come up with. If you've already closed that bad boy and realize you hate saying "OK Google", you can still change it after the fact. For example, you can tell Siri “Goodnight” and it would turn set itself to Do Not Disturb mode and switch on the blue light filter.

You'll need to have the latest version of Apple's Shortcuts app and the latest Google Assistant app in order for the functionality to work.