Trump Tells Fox’s Chris Wallace Conduct ‘Rules’ Coming for Press


Trump responded to Acosta by saying he wasn't concerned about the investigation, calling it a "hoax", and then criticized Acosta, calling him a "rude, bad person".

"Let's go back to work!".

Kelly, a Trump appointee, did not address the First Amendment's protections for freedom of speech and the press, but instead focused on a due process provision of the US Constitution that provides for fair treatment through a judicial or administrative process. The CNN reporter's press credentials were revoked late on November 7 following a contentious presidential press conference, a day after Democrats won control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections. Sanders made clear in her statement the White House considers Acosta's press badge return temporary. "There must be decorum in the White House", White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said about the ruling. The White House's later written arguments for banning Acosta were belated and weren't sufficient to satisfy due process, Kelly said.

Later on the White House grounds, Mr. Acosta was greeted by a throng of about 50 journalists awaiting his arrival.

The White House also could appeal Kelly's order. Videos of the encounter show Acosta pulling back as the staffer moved to take the microphone at the press conference.

He noted at a Rose Garden press conference that he thought Trump had called on him, but it turned out Trump meant to call on Kaitlan Collins, coincidentally of CNN, so Garrett gave up the microphone. Our honest thanks to all who have supported not just CNN, but a free, strong and independent American press."Acosta added: "I just want to thank all my colleagues in the press who supported me this week".

CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett asks a question during a White House daily briefing on June 27, 2017.

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Lindsay Walters may not be a well-known public figure, but she would certainly have been recognized in a room full of White House reporters.

The ruling is a major win for CNN and its combative approach to the Trump White House.

I offer the clip to you not as an easy opportunity to goof on the panelists, although it is that, but as an insight into how the average person is likely to process this morning's news. President Trump will NOT put up with the media's liberal bias and utter disrespect for this Administration and the hardworking Americans who stand with us.

He stressed that journalists need to understand their First Amendment rights are "sacred".

But the judge also emphasised the "very limited nature" of his ruling Friday. "So we're setting up a certain standard, which is what the court is requesting".

From the podium, Trump called Acosta - a frequent target of his ire - a "rude, bad person". But more importantly, we'll just leave. He also said behavior such as Acosta's refusal to yield the microphone impedes the president's ability to conduct press conferences.

"I was confident ... that our rights would be protected to continue to cover our government and hold our leaders accountable", he said.