Trump clashes with 'rude, terrible' journalist in extraordinary exchange


The White House has since banned Mr Acosta over what it called "unacceptable" conduct.

Within minutes, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders had announced the suspension. She said that "on the campaign trail, you called yourself a nationalist". It also remains to be seen whether White House reporters will walk out, or show solidarity with Acosta and CNN in other ways.

President Trump gave a news conference on Wednesday following the midterm elections.

President Trump insulted Mr Acosta after the reporter challenged his recent assertions about a migrant caravan heading to the USA from Central America.

When Trump tried to brush him off, Acosta refused to surrender a microphone provided by the White House, while trying to ask Trump another question. "I'm simply asking the questions the public wants to know", she replied.

"CNN should be ashamed of themselves, having you work for them", he said. You are rude, awful person.

Shortly after the incident, CNN released a statement describing Trump's "ongoing attacks on the press" as "dangerous" and "un-American". Following a lengthy back-and-forth, a White House intern tried to take the microphone from Acosta, who held onto it. "Pardon me, ma'am", Acosta said in the original video, though the audio was stripped from the edited version.

CNN and several major journalism advocacy groups denounced the White House's move.

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Acosta continued to ask questions, including whether Trump was "concerned" about potential indictments coming from the Mueller probe.

"We stand by our decision to revoke this individual's hard pass", Sanders captioned a clip from the press conference.

"We have a lot of problems - excuse me - but to say that what you said is so insulting to me".

"I don't believe it", President Trump said.

NBC, in particular, took some heat for their coverage of the altercation, with many conservatives wondering if Acosta should have put his hands on the staffer as she tried to take the microphone back.

"The irony of this White House video involving Jim Acosta is that if it is found to be doctored, it will show the administration to be doing what it accuses the news media of doing - engaging in fake information", said Aly Colon, a professor in journalism ethics at Washington & Lee University. I think they're trying to shut us down.

But that question that I posed today was very timely, because just today, Patrick Casey, a leader of Identity Evropa, which is - which the Southern Poverty Law Center says is part of the alt-right and white nationalist movement, tweeted that he was at the White House today.