The new Porsche 911 is stronger, faster - and fully connected


The 2019 911's shape is quite familiar though there are a few styling changes. Porsche's current fetish for rear light bars has been carried over to the 2020 911, leaving the rump with a stacked aesthetic that emphasizes the width.

Set to be one of the larger attractions at the upcoming LA motor show, the new 911 is now equipped with tweaked horizontally opposed six-cylinder petrol engines, which feature a new fuel injection process for added combustion efficiency, along with other significant upgrades aimed at increasing its competitiveness against two-door rivals.

Mazda has a new generation of the 3 compact on its hands. More exciting still is the manual transmission option, which will sit alongside the eight-speed PDK transmission.

The first models of the classic sports vehicle to arrive will be the Carrera S and its AWD version, the Carrera 4S. Equipped with the optional Sport Chrono Package, the Carrera in the all-wheel-drive 4S specification needs only 3.4 seconds until 62 miles per hour (100 kph) and tops out at 190 miles per hour (306 kph).

The Carrera S models now make 450PS, an increase of 30PS over the last cars.

To help keep that power in check and offer improved performance to match, the 911 Carrera S is now 1.77 inches wider up front. The new system utilizes acoustic sensors in the front arches, which detect when the road is damp and primes the stability control and anti-lock brake systems accordingly. In addition, the front end is 45 mm (1.7 inches) wider than before, so even though in these official images and videos you might be tempted to say it's the old one, in real life it should be a different story.

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Classic elements like the comparatively upright windscreen and shape of the glasshouse are unchanged. LED headlights are standard, and all versions of the 911 have a "significantly" wider, variable position rear spoiler and a seamless light bar.

Just in case we'd forgotten what the old 911 looked like, Porsche brought along an example of every generation, including the oldest 911 model now held in Porsche's collection, a red 1964 coupe. There are staggered wheel sizes now, with 20-inch fronts and 21-inch rears. Oh yeah, and if you want to show off your new 911 everywhere, Porsche Design is releasing a special edition of its Chronograph watch called the 911 Chronograph Timeless Machine Limited Edition.

The changes on the interior of the new 911 are more significant. But if you drive this kind of auto, it's important that you get a stimulus from it, being a sports vehicle.

The instrument cluster carries an analogue rev counter but in keeping with the traditional five pod layout gets, the dial gets two screens on either side. Porsche has also added a 10.9-inch touchscreen monitor in the centre of the dashboard for the Porsche Communication Management system as standard. That makes the new 911 GT2 RS not only the quickest-accelerating but also the joint fastest road-legal series-production Porsche model yet.

United Kingdom deliveries are expected to begin in the spring, and there will inevitably be about 638 different versions of the new 911 (Targa, cabriolet, Turbo, GT3, etc.) joining the family on a month-by-month basis over the next year. The brand will also introduce plug-in hybrid versions of the latest 911, though they will only arrive with the facelifts that are expected to come in 2022.