Once again, Jimmy Kimmel's annual stolen Halloween candy prank doesn't disappoint - parents


"We know where they are, we know that people that come to this thing are going to give out good stuff", Deitrich Bostelman, a father at the event, said.

This effort is being coordinated with "Operation Troop Treats" which will take the candy and send it in care packages to troops who are stationed overseas.

Kool Smiles in Monroe is hosting "Operation Troop Treats" again this year.

If by chance there's still Halloween candy in your house, there are some options that can prevent you from hoovering it up yourself.

A Greenville area dentist is coordinating with a group to offer your kids toys for their unwrapped, unused Halloween candy.

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In the unlikely case you're unfamiliar with this annual event from Jimmy Kimmel Live! then let us explain.

The care packages will also include 200 dental kits.

They say eating too much candy can lead to cavities or cracked teeth, so it's best to enjoy your Halloween in moderation.

Candy for deployed Service Members, Veterans, and First Responders will be collected at each of the eight Bright Side Dental & Orthodontics Metro Detroit locations from November 1-8, 2018.