Microsoft Sees The Light In New Windows 10 Themes


The official Windows 10 update history page for the feature update does not list the network drive mapping issue as a known issue; only the file association bug is listed there that plagues Windows 10 version 1803 users as well.

To get access to the preview build, you'll have to register through Microsoft's website.

Delivered as part of Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday release, the patch addressed CVE-2018-8589, a vulnerability in Windows 7, Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2 versions that allowed an attacker to escalate privileges and run arbitrary code in the local system.

For example, it includes the long-awaited true Light Theme, in which components of the interface such as the taskbar, Start menu and Settings are a bright shade of blue rather than remaining black or white. As we head into the holidays, this is also the time in the Windows development cycle where Microsoft begins adding more features to Windows-stay tuned for more. Click the dropdown under "Choose your color" and select Light.

The main attraction is the integration of a new light theme that dramatically changes to look of the interface, from the Start menu to keyboard. Well, the Dark Theme is so yesterday's news it seems and naturally users no want a lighter Windows experience.

Half of Insiders will get the option to test new snipping features in this build - delay snip and window snip - and printing has been improved.

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A bibliophile and a business enthusiast. To accompany the Light Theme, Microsoft has included the wallpaper you see in the main image. "Expect us to refine this experience", Microsoft added.

Microsoft promised that Windows Update would become more intelligent in the April 2018 Update, then mumbled and kicked the ground when asked where it was.

If you were seeing certain games launch to launch with an error citing unexpected kernel modification detected, check the games for available updates.

Microsoft hasn't really had the best luck with its most-recent Windows 10 update. For Active Hours, Windows can automatically push out updates based on your device activity.

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But by relaunching 1809 on 13 November, Microsoft would have shortchanged customers a full month if it didn't also extend support at the same time.