How A Gender-Reveal Stunt Sparked A Massive Wildfire


A video released by the US Forest Service shows how a gender reveal event led to a costly wildfire in southern Arizona that forced about 200 people out of their homes.

After Border Patrol agent Dennis Dickey shot a package of colored explosive at his baby's gender-reveal party, grasses and shrubs lit up and spread across a mountainside.

Land management agencies have seen wildfires spark from lightning, abandoned campfires and even a horse clipping its shoe on a rock - but fires starting from gender reveal parties are rare. It instead caused an explosion that started the fire.

"Start packing up!" a man shouts.

He also was ordered to pay initial payment of $138,000AUD and monthly instalments of $690AUD to pay back the $11 million in damages.

Dennis Dickey started a $8.2 million fire at a gender reveal party
Dennis Dickey started a $8.2 million fire at a gender reveal party

A newly released video shows a gender reveal party that sparked a wildfire past year in Arizona.

The Forest Service released the video as a result of Freedom of Information Act requests made by several Arizona media outlets in May 2017. The Associated Press received the video from the Forest Service on Tuesday.

Dickey filled the target with Tannerite, a highly explosive substance which is legal but very powerful. He added: "I feel absolutely terrible about it".

Dickey said he tried to put the fire out before reporting it.

The Sawmill Fire burned almost 47,000 acres owned by the state of Arizona and various federal agencies, and caused more than $8 million in damage. When the gator snapped its jaws, the watermelon exploded, spilling blue Jell-O onto the grass. Coronado National Forest spokeswoman Heidi Schewel said she wasn't sure on Tuesday whether that's now in the works. He told a judge that it was a complete accident, calling it the worst day of his life. He will spend five years on probation and has agreed to pay restitution totaling $8,188,069, the US attorney's office said in a news release.

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