Holy cow! Giant steer 'Knickers' stands head and shoulders over herd


The seven-year-old cow, named Knickers, stands at 194 centimetres tall and weighing a whopping 1400 kilograms - in other words, 1.4 tonnes.

Not only is Knickers gaining popularity worldwide on social media, he will also get to live an elongated life.

Anyway you put it, people the world over have been udderly captivated by big Knickers, the steer who has put the tiny WA town of Myalup on the world stage.

Even the breed's bulls - which have not been castrated like steers - only reach just 5ft 10ins and weigh 2,200lbs.

As reported by 7 News Central Queensland, he is nearly as tall as Niall Quinn with the former Sunderland and Man City striker measuring in at 6 foot 4.

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As for Twitter, people loved Knickers.

Knickers' owner, Geoff Pearson, told Perth Now that the massive cow has officially been spared from the chopping block - but not due to his newfound celebrity status, as one might think.

"He was too big to go into the export plant's chain", Geoff Pearson, the steer's owner, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

"We have a high turnover of cattle and he was lucky enough to stay behind". Instead, he helps out by leading other cattle around the place.

"You'll put him in a paddock and all the other cattle seem to get attracted to him", the farmer said. But Knickers "was still a standout so we thought let's leave him there, he's not hurting anyone", he said.