Drunk 'Irish' woman abuses airline crew after being refused wine


A woman passenger aboard a New Delhi-London Air India flight, verbally abused a cabin crew member after she was denied another serving of alcohol on-board the flight.

This made the passenger, who was sitting in business class, angry, and she started abusing the flight crew.

The cabin crew informed the flight commander about the passenger's unruly behaviour, and were told not to serve her more drinks, the official said.

The shocking incident took place on an Air India flight from Mumbai to London Heathrow last Saturday. She was reportedly arrested after the Air India flight landed at London, its destination.

While the crew member in the video appears calm, the woman shouted, "I am a f***ing global lawyer".

After the crew denied her more alcohol, she said that she is a human rights lawyer, an worldwide criminal lawyer. Dont get any money for it, by the way.

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She goes on to claim she does her work for free and clarifies that all she's looking for is a "f***ing glass of wine". With profanity, she further said that she has been working for free as an global criminal lawyer for the Rohingyas and that they (Air India crew) can't even serve her a glass of wine.

In the video, uploaded to Twitter by a fellow passenger, the woman, who appears to be from either Britain or Ireland, is seen shouting expletive-laden threats at Air India staff.

At some point during this video (warning: the video contains strong language), she walks up close to one of the crew members.

She said, "I'm working for all your people". You treat business class passengers like this?

According to a Times of India report, the woman had already consumed four quarter bottles of red wine. One of the flight attendants got it on video.

Airline crew on long haul flights have a tough job as it is, but abusive passengers can make an already stressful time much worse for all on board, as was the case in a weird, alcohol-fuelled rant caught on camera last week.