Diablo 4 confirmed for PC; Blizzard to announce "when time is right"


Following last week's Diablo Immortal announcement, fans have found unique ways to poke fun at the upcoming mobile game, now hailed as "a slap in the face" from Blizzard. The announcement was set to take place with Blizzard co-founder Allan Adham revealing that Diablo 4 was in the works, but not ready to be shown yet. Blizzard has always been keen to only show upcoming games when they're in a passable state, so it could well be that Diablo 4 is some way off and the developer didn't want to get hopes up too quickly.

Since the event though, rumours have circulated that a Diablo 4 announcement was planned, but Blizzard, for reasons unknown, chose to pull the plug on it.

The online portal known as GameInformer has reported latest information on fans' backlash about Diablo Immortal. Adham noted, "We have said that we have multiple Diablo teams working on multiple Diablo projects and that remains true, even after releasing [Diablo 3 for Nintendo] Switch and announcing Diablo: Immortal." . Then someone else came along and said it was a shit invention, this someone stating to be much happier running to the source of water like in the olden days, when you couldn't get it in the comfort of your own home. One of which is Diablo 4.

Blizzard has not yet announced if Diablo Immortal will be a free or a paid title, though Blizzard developing the title with free-to-play veteran NetEase might offer a clue.

Six iconic and highly customizable Diablo character classes will be available in Diablo Immortal-Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard-each with new powers and abilities tailored specifically for touchscreen devices, with more playable classes planned for future updates. To say fans were disappointed is to understate things greatly.

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Diablo Immortal will be the first time the franchise hits mobile though, and considering Fortnite's mobile success and the rise of gaming smartphones, it seems that the move could be quite the bountiful cash cow.

We are definitely excited to hear what you think of this new game.

"We generally don't comment on rumours or speculation, but we can say that we didn't pull any announcements from BlizzCon this year or have plans for other announcements".

While we wait for more confirmed Diablo news, check out all of the news and trailers we saw at BlizzCon 2018. "Games like these attract large, harder core mobile audiences in Asia and the Diablo franchise is popular in the US, China, Europe and Korea", he continued. And perhaps the whole Diablo Immortal backlash would have been a small blip and not the major distraction it has become.