Blizzard reveals skins and concept art for Ashe, Overwatch's new hero


Ashe can call upon Bob her robotic fellow gang member - who featured in the animated short Reunion - as part of her Ultra. It's one of the most action-packed and lore-rich videos yet.

Roughly four months after the release of the popular multiplayer shooter's last hero, Hammond (an intelligent hamster in a giant ball mech), Blizzard is already teasing Overwatch's next hero: Ashe, the "rebellious" female leader of the fictional "Deadlock Gang". The conclusion of the short reveals that an Omnic robot named Echo was inside Route 66's payload. Left-mouse clicks fire off quick shots, while aiming down the sites offers more damage, similar to other sniper characters. While she sports a similar western look to her high-noonin' frenemy, some concept art and skin designs revealed at a panel discussing what's next for Overwatch show some different sides of the outlaw.

Overwatch streamer Jeff 'emongg' Anderson got the chance to try out the game's newest hero along with Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan. "We cherish these game worlds as much as our players do, and today's reveals helped put a spotlight on how far we've come, through our stellar partnerships, in developing toys and apparel that reflect that shared passion".

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A date when Ashe would be available to play on the Public Teat Realms was not made available.

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