Android apps will update while you're using them


Naturally, I go into Google Play to see if there is an update, only to find almost half of the apps on their phone in need of updating. "To address this, we're launching an In-app Updates API".

In the meantime, Google published "Android Enterprise Security", a white paper detailing the new enterprise-centric security features that have been added to Android after Pie's release in August.

In the second immediate option, users are given a full-screen update message for forcefully updating their apps. Developers will also be able to customize the update flow so it feels like it is part of the app.

What it does do, however, is ensure that users can keep using the app indefinitely, rather than be stuck in a remote location with an edge connection (yes, some places still have those) waiting for a 48MB app to update.

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The latter - which Google calls "flexible in-app update" - will be for new but not pressing features.

Google director of engineering Aurash Mahbod said the company is testing the In-App Updates API in Google Chrome. Originally created to help Android users in certain countries that do not have a lot of storage on their mobile devices, the app was quickly adopted worldwide. Even Google has increased the limit of Instant Apps to 10 MB for Try Now button on the Play Store. The In-app Updates API is being tested with Android's early access partners, and will soon be distributed to all developers.

Google has also announced that in less than a year, the app has a whopping 30 million monthly users, which I am sure is earning Google some $$$.