'We are back,' says YouTube after hours of global outage


At 6:41 PM on October 16, 2018, Team YouTube tweeted, "Thanks for your reports about YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music access issues".

The hour-long outage affected YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube music.

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, in 2008 when YouTube was still at its nascent stage, the video networking platform was cut off for nearly two-thirds of the world following a crackdown by the Pakistan government.

User taekook said he won't even survive a minute if YouTube were to go down for an entire day. In addition, visiting YouTube.com produced a blank screen with only the YouTube logo displayed. The users who are trying to access the platform are seeing an internal error message.

Both the website and app were down, with app users receiving the message: "There was a problem with the network [503]".

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Users attempting to visit the site have reported seeing a blank website frame instead of the usual homepage.

In response to the inconvenient down time, YouTube sent out emails to subscribers apologizing and offering a free week of service.

The Team YouTube Twitter account quickly acknowledged the outage and said it was working to restore the services. YOUTUBE is back up and running after suffering a major global outage.

People have taken to social media to voice their dismay, Twitter in particular. Something that is expected to exponentially grow as time goes on and more users move away from traditional means of TV consumption and to streaming-based solutions.

The company has since issued a statement saying YouTube is back.