Video shows frantic woman abandoning toddler on front porch


The woman is then seen driving off in a vehicle as the child continued to watch her leave. Montgomery County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lieutenant Scott Spencer told reporters the woman left the boy on the front step Wednesday night without waiting for anyone to open the door.

The boy's father lives next door to the home in the surveillance video.

A woman could be facing charges after abandoning a friend's child on a stranger's doorstep at a Texas home Wednesday.

She then rang the doorbell, knocked on the door and sprinted away, leaving the little boy standing clueless in front of the door.

The toddler turns and stares at the woman as she leaves. The entire incident lasted 23 seconds. Investigators will interview her once they finish speaking to the child's mother, according to Spencer.

The occupant of the home in Spring, who is a neighbour of the boy's father, found the boy and called police, who released the security video yesterday, ABC News US reports. Instead, she asked a friend to drop her boy off. After being shown the video, the man said he was the boy's father.

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The child was not hurt.

Officials with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in Texas confirmed the identity of the boy who was seen in a video being left at a woman's doorstep.

A resident of the home went to answer the door and found the boy alone on the porch.

The district attorney's office is looking into child abandonment charges for the woman in the video. But on Thursday, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office released more details about who the mystery woman and child were and the circumstances behind the disturbing scene.

The sheriff's office said the child was uninjured and appears to be in good health. The child is now in the care of Child Protective Services as authorities try to find his family. She has long hair that falls past her waist and distinctive tattoos on her right arm.

The sheriff's office will continue to investigate.