'Venom' First Reviews: See What the Critics Are Saying


The Marvel movie is a different take on the usual superhero film, instead focussing on the villain who made his debut in 2007′s "Spider Man 3", but it hasn't exactly gone down well with the critics. Hardy is giving his all to comically elevate material that does not deserve it, and that becomes especially clear when his dual roles start getting romantically involved with one another.

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), having fully bonded with the inky alien parasite named Venom, returns to his street-beat duties as an investigative reporter. "It just sort of sits there, beating you numb, unsure of whether it wants to be a comic-book movie or put the whole idea of comic-book movies in its crosshairs". But each is forced to decide what side they are on, and what is worth fighting for, when the duo discovers that another symbiote, Riot, has bonded with Drake and intends to turn Earth into a host planet for his species to consume. He lives in a Victorian on Union Street with his lawyer fiancee, Anne Weying (confusingly not Chinese, because she's played by Michelle Williams), who I assume covers most of their rent.

Still, Venom is an entertaining watch with plenty of light moments between Brock and Venom, the "loser" symbiote. In making the story palatable to kids, he also sanitizes it of its angst, its elemental cry for salvation...in short, everything that makes Venom Venom. What's here is so freakish that I'm genuinely not sure if the writing team (a whopping four names are credited, further solidifying my initial assessment that this movie is a whole lot of different things smashed into one, like trying to piece together one of those 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles while looking at the wrong picture) is intentionally going for laughs or have just failed miserably at creating an intriguing conflict whatsoever between Eddie Brock and the gooey blackness blob.

Is it a superhero movie?

What works in Venom is Tom Hardy and the majority of the title character's portrayal.

We're happy to tell you there are two credit stings in Venom, so stay in your seats until the lights come up.

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The game is a Spider-Man simulator that teaches you to view the physical environment around you as a space that presents a wide array of unique tactical options that you-as the game's web-slinging hero-can use to your advantage. The audience will be laughing at the Venom clip; Tom Hardy will be smirking.

Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy (Dunkirk, The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road) stars as dedicated journalist Eddie Brock, in Columbia Pictures' new action-thriller Venom, one of Marvel's greatest and most complex characters. This time it's an all-out attempt to make a darker Marvel character the center of his own film, superheroics be damned.

Even the message that Earth is heading toward disaster and we must be more concerned with environmental issues is forgotten by the end of the film.

The only thing we can be sure of is that, should Venom be greenlit for a part two, Carnage fans will definitely have something to write home about. Even some comic book nerds barely knew who the Guardians of the Galaxy were before the 2014 movie.

"I think that's been misunderstood", the 41-year-old explained.

Venom is in cinemas 5 October.