UFC 229: Ferguson and Pettis Must Stay Focused on Saturday Night


He had won eight of his 14 fights in the UFC going into the fight against Ferguson. Low leg kick for Ferguson now.

Tony Ferguson took on Kevin Lee in his last fight and actually defeated him with a Triangle Choke. They wind up on the ground, with Pettis in Ferguson's guard, and within seconds they're both absolutely covered with blood. Spinning backfist from Ferguson just misses. left hand lands. Ferguson is down and Pettis swarms, forcing "El Cucuy" into a commando roll to safety. Right hand lands hard for Ferguson. Exciting action here that's broken up momentarily so a doctor can check on Pettis' cut, but he's fine to continue. Pettis is bleeding as well. Ferguson was nearly knocked out early in the 2nd round but was managed to come back and put a beating on Pettis, and unfortunately for fans, the fight was stopped by Anthony Pettis' corner after the 2nd round. His output rate is far higher here, but Pettis is still unsafe when he fires back. He's trying to get Pettis out of there, but "Showtime" throws up a cartwheel kick and escapes the round. Pettis laughs! What an elbow by Ferguson. Ferguson was able to hold on until the fight was stopped to attend to him.

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On the same night, Conor McGregor tapped out to Khabib Nurmagomedov in the main event as the Russian retained his Lightweight title.

Considering Ferguson went through knee surgery back in April and then returned in miraculous time to get a win the way he did on Saturday night was the stuff of legends. During his absence, Pettis got back into the win column with a strong showing against Michael Chiesa, looking like the Anthony Pettis of old. With Ferguson being the only man to defeat him in his last seven contests-and with some controversy swirling around his health in that fight-Lee says he would love to run that fight back.