Trump Tweets, 'I Rarely Use a Cellphone,' From His iPhone


President Donald Trump angrily disputed a New York Times report revealing that he uses unsecure phones that have been tapped by Russian and Chinese spies.

Trump called the Times report incorrect on Thursday, and dismissed it as "long and boring".

As for President Trump, he reacted just as everyone expected by going to Twitter and calling the NYT report "soooo wrong".

Following a report from the New York Times that Russian Federation and China are taking advantage of his penchant for using his private iPhone, China's foreign ministry borrowed one of Trump's favorite words to describe the media.

This time, it appears that over two years after being told that as part of his current role as Proxy Leader of the Free World that he should stop using his unsecured phone line, he is still using his personal iPhone.

In April, CNN reported that Trump was beginning to use his cell phone with increasing frequency, and that, according to a senior White House official, he "is talking to all sorts of people on it".

The Chinese have reportedly been keen on getting members of Trump's inner circle to persuade the president to sit down more often with Premier Xi Jinping. These aides also caution the president that the Russians are listening in to his conversations, while U.S. Intelligence states that Chinese spies are often listening in as well.

China, in turn, has begun using its own businessmen to try to influence people friendly with those Trump talks to, according to the New York Times report, hopes the information will make it to the President.

Las Vegas developer Steve Wynn poses with Donald Trump right
Las Vegas developer Steve Wynn poses with Donald Trump right

Trump calls it fake news.

"Once more, we are confronted with the ugly reality that Republicans refuse to exercise any oversight or stand up to the president, even to implore him to protect vital national security interests", she wrote.

On the very same day the Secret Service intercepted a bomb en route to former president Barack Obama, The New York Times published a short story involving the assassination of President Donald Trump.

She then offered a pointed pitch for Huawei Technologies, the Chinese phone maker which has been shunned by the U.S. government over security concerns.

Russia's Kremlin also issued a statement about the report on Trump's iPhone. "Foreign adversaries seeking intelligence about the USA are relentless in their pursuit of vulnerabilities in our government's communications networks, and there is no more sought-after intelligence target than the president of the United States", said Nate Jones, who served as a counterterrorism director on the National Security Council under President Obama.

One of the two official phones is designated for calls.

Trump has spoken warmly of Xi, though this has not stopped him from escalating his trade dispute with the Asian power. They're doing that by keeping tabs on who Trump speaks with and then feeding pro-China arguments to them via friends and business partners.

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