Trump administration terminates 1955 treaty with Iran after United Nations court ruling


Critics of the move immediately spoke out and warned of potentially dire consequences.

"Iran is the origin of the current threat to Americans in Iraq", Pompeo said. "Pompeo walking out of it signals that he wants to make sure that disputes with Iran are NOT resolved peacefully".

Hours later, during the White House news conference, National Security Advisor John Bolton announced the USA is withdrawing from yet another treaty with Iran made before the United Nation's court - a court which Bolton says is ineffective.

He described the ICJ ruling as a "defeat for Iran" because the court "rightly rejected all of Iran's baseless requests" including an effort to "secure broad measures to interfere with USA sanctions".

The ICJ's top tribunal - known as the World Court - concluded Wednesday that USA assurances that the sanctions won't hurt humanitarian aid "were not adequate".

The Trump administration re-imposed sanctions on Iran after pulling out of the Iranian nuclear deal in May, citing evidence that Iran continued to pursue its nuclear ambitions while the two countries were bound by the treaty.

Pompeo told reporters in Washington on October 3 that the United States should have quit the amity treaty long ago, considering that Iran had frequently violated its terms.

Helpful backgrounder on the treaty of amity that Sec.

"Given Iran's history of terrorism, ballistic missile activity, and other malign behaviors, Iran's claims under the treaty are absurd", Pompeo said.

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Last month, Bolton said that the 2,200 USA troops inside Syria are "not going to leave as long as Iranian troops are outside Iranian borders, and that includes Iranian proxies and militias".

"Iran is abusing the ICJ for political and propaganda purposes and their case, as you can see from the decision, lacked merit", he said. While the ICJ's ruling is binding, it has no enforcement mechanisms.

This sets up another showdown between the ICJ and the US administration, which has already said the court has no jurisdiction over its foreign policy, especially concerning national security.

"I hope that Iran's leaders will come to recognize that the only way to secure for its country is by seizing their campaign of terror and destruction", Pompeo said.

The ICC prosecutes people accused of war atrocities while the ICJ settles disputes between nations. He added that it is imperative for the worldwide community "to collectively counter malign United States unilateralism". "It rightly rejected all of Iran´s baseless requests", Pompeo told reporters in Washington.

The Trump administration has been dismissive of the worldwide court and the president did not back down from his threat to rip up the nuclear agreement.

The U.S. and Iran severed diplomatic ties following Iran's 1979 revolution, but the treaty remained in effect.

Trump began to reinstate USA sanctions on Tehran in August, with sanctions targeting Iran's oil sector set to retake effect November 4.

The other parties to the deal - the UK, France, Germany, China and Russian Federation - have pledged to abide by their commitments under the existing deal.