Nokia introduces the True Wireless Earbuds and the Pro Wireless Earphones


HMD Global on Thursday announced the latest addition to its smartphone portfolio in the form of the Nokia 7.1, a feature-packed mid-ranger that offers a wide variety of functionalities and capable hardware at an extremely affordable price.

The Nokia 7.1 is an incremental upgrade over the Nokia 7, which launched in October 2017. The company claims that the PureDisplay's internal HDR can convert the SDR content into the HDR in real-time.

The Nokia 7.1 is a well built, premium feeling, solid smartphone with enough going on under the hood to make it a highly appealing option at its price point. While the base worldwide model of the handset offers only 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage space, the one that's set to be available in the US will feature twice as much flash memory and 4GB of RAM.

Nokia 7.1 has a 3,060mAh battery with support for fast charging via USB-C.

Connectivity options inside the Nokia 7.1 include Dual 4G, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX support, Global Positioning System and USB Type-C port. Nokia tells us the design has been inspired by aspects of jewelry design, and this is apparent in the Gloss Steel version. The device starts at $349 in the United States and £299 in the United Kingdom, where you'll also be able to buy a 32GB model of the device.

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It runs on Android 8.1 but will get Android 9 (Pie) later on in November and will get 2 years of support.

Around on the back of the Nokia 7.1 is a dual camera setup with ZEISS Optics.

Android One also guarantees better security thanks to the frequent updates and patches beamed directly from Google. Because of this, we have to assume Pie will come shortly after the launch of this phone, and since it is an Android One device, rest assured that it will come in a timely manner. As with most such earbuds, these come with a carrying case that also charges them. In the USA, the Nokia 7.1 will cost $349 and will be available from Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H. Prices start from £299 in the United Kingdom, while European customers will have to spend in the region of €299 to €349 depending on their region. It comes with a 12-megapixel primary sensor and a 5-megapixel secondary sensor for depth sensing.

Try as you might, you simply can not fault HMD Global for hesitating to release a truly high-end Nokia-branded smartphone. On a single charge, the True Wireless Earbuds offer up to 3.5 hours of audio playback or 4 hours of talk time, but the charging case can give them another 3 full charges, essentially bringing it up to 14 hours of music or 16 hours of talk time.