Microsoft Announces Project xCloud Game Streaming Service


The company is working on proper control mapping based on the device you're using, while also taking advantage of phone and tablet touch screens if you don't have an Xbox controller.

MANILA, Philippines - While Google may have already released details on its game streaming initiative called Project Stream, Microsoft was first to tease the prospect of streaming console games onto other devices back at E3 2018.

The announcement comes a week after Google LLC revealed plans to launch a game streaming service of its own.

Project xCloud will let players stream Xbox One games to computers, phones and tablets.

Microsoft is bullish that they've solved the technology's greatest issue: latency.

Project xCloud uses Microsoft's Azure infrastructure as the backbone to compute graphics and stream the games to user devices.

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Public trials for xCloud begin next year, at which point we'll hear more about it.

Project xCloud actually seems contradictory to Xbox's interests in a few ways. Xbox Wireless Controllers can connect to PCs and smartphones for playing these games. The company also noted that developers of existing Xbox One games should be able to bring their titles to xCloud with "no additional work". The ultimate goal is to make streaming available on 4G networks.

Microsoft is talking up the future of gaming, and it says in that future you will be able to play any game you want, on any device you have at hand. Public trials for Project xCloud will begin in 2019.

Microsoft has already got the system up and running today, and when it's honed and ready, the company promises it will scale out across 54 Azure regions (with data centers in some 140 countries). Today, I'm excited to share with you one of our key projects that will take us on an accelerated journey to that future world: Project xCloud. It looks as though the future of gaming transitioning into a streaming service is starting to really look like a thing but I guess we'll have to wait and see how successful these tests actually do come 2019.

While this is being tested with mobile devices now, you can bet we'll also see this move over to PCs as well.