Kelly, Bolton Get in Profane Shouting Match Outside the Oval Office


It erupted as the president - disappointed by new government data showing that his restrictive immigration policies have failed to discourage migrants from seeking entry into the United States - is grasping to resolve a problem that has bedeviled his administration.A third person described the episode as little more than a typical airing of differences between Mr. Bolton and Mr. Kelly, who has a temper.

Washington, Oct 19 The White House has blamed the Democrats for a heated row between Chief of Staff John Kelly and National Security Advisor John Bolton over immigration.

Earlier this year, the New York Times reported that Nielsen was close to resigning after being criticized by Trump at a Cabinet meeting for what he said was her failure to secure USA borders.

Administration officials have stated that several meetings have taken place between officials regarding the caravan issue, which found mention in Trump's tweets on Thursday morning when he threatened to shut down US' southern border to stop the migrants from illegally crossing over.

Bolton commends an impenetrable line perspective to the issue, and condemned the department of homeland security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen during the exchange.

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It's not clear if Trump heard the argument. The new numbers, which marked an 80 percent increase from July, are making the U.S. president highly critical of DHS and Nielsen's tactics, senior administration officials told Washington Post on Wednesday.

The back and fourth reportedly led those nearby to think one of the two men may quit immediately.

The White House has not commented on the incident, and President Trump said he'd "not heard about it". "Despite us having the worst laws in the world and no help from Democrats, our administration is doing a great job on the border", she said. The conversations have centered around not only how to stop the caravan, but also how to use the issue for the upcoming midterms, the official said.

Trump has repeatedly called for cuts to foreign aid in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico, which, in all, obtained some $260 million in foreign aid for fiscal year 2019.